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AMINDSET offers Professional Psychotherapy, Counselling and, for Business, Coaching, Workshops and Wellness Programs

We want to improve people’s lives through therapy and psychoeducation.

We provide a strong foundation for psychological betterment at a personal and professional level.

Our therapists offer a FREE 20-minute introductory session for new clients (exc. LCC)

AMindset offers Low-cost Counselling (LCC) sessions.

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Start With Us

At AMindset (AM), we offer a range of counselling sessions. Please complete the questionnaire so that we can offer you the best service possible.
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Booking Online

Our convenient online reservation platform provides a streamlined and user-friendly booking service, simplifying the management of your wellness journey.
Meet With Us

Meet With Us

Our expert corporate and counselling solutions teams are available to assist and provide workshops and mentoring in various languages.

What Our Clients Say


We are truly thankful for Jaideep’s help with our pre marital counselling sessions. Although we approached this with an exploratory mindset, Jaideep was accommodating and professional in dealing with the issues we faced as a couple entering marriage. His sessions were well thought through and structures, but also remained flexible to help deal with and prioritise any ad hoc problems that arose. We are so blessed to have Jaideep’s wisdom in these sessions and will continue to draw on the techniques and tools we learned from him in our relationship journey ahead.

J.P & M.K
Hong Kong


I am delighted to recommend Cecilia Yu. She has a wide variety of tools and expertise to support me in my mental and emotional journey, and after just a few sessions, I have been able to manage my worry and anxiety in a much better way. Her approach is very practical trying to find the right treatments/frameworks that resonate with me, which differs from my previous therapy, that focussed on one or two area. She has a deep toolbox and we have looked at CBT, mindfulness, ACT and IFS to find what’s right for me., It is a very helpful (and rare!) approach. The best part is that pricing is very affordable! Could not recommend higher!

Hong Kong


I was struggling with overthinking and feeling anxious in my day-to-day life. I was very lucky to find Nimishaa. She shared a couple of tips which help me every day. Some of the practices that she shared are so simple but eye-opening for me. She is very flexible and manages every session based on my mood on that day and my expectations.

Some days I just feel like sharing my feelings and talking everything out. On other days I am in a more exploring mood and willing to learn more techniques and solutions. I recommend Nimishaa if you are struggling with overthinking, anxiety or worrying. And, if the question of your life purpose bothers you, Nimishaa can help by asking the right questions- your answers will help you know yourself better.

Hong Kong

Meditation: A Way of Life

Daily Mind Matters

Having a routine of mindfulness, meditation and positive affirmations can be very helpful. We offer free audio meditations and PDF guides that you can follow to positively impact your life.
Free Stress Relief Pack

Free Stress Relief Pack

Everyone experiences stress and sometimes it can be beneficial and help you focus and stay alert. But, when it starts to interfere with your life, you need to do something about it and fast.