"Overcoming Emotional Chaos"

Overcoming Emotional Chaos

Every person is essentially dual. Psychology has shown that in the consciousness of every human being there is good and bad. It is the warfare between these two aspects which has led to all the neuroses and complexes which afflict the average human being.

Overcoming Emotional Chaos is a workshop to help you gain the weapons you need to win that war. By controlling your mind and purifying your emotions you will become stronger. This will enable you to live a calmer but more productive life.

When you can overcome your Emotional Chaos you will be able to rise above all of life’s challenges







Facilitators:   Liz McCaughey and Donna Stambulich

Event:              Overcoming Emotional Chaos Workshop

When:              Saturday 17th November 9:30am – 5:00pm

Where:             North Perth Psychology Centre, 2/8 Howlett St, North Perth

Cost:                 $250  (Various discounts may apply – please contact NPPC for more information)

Call:                  NPPC:   08 9443 7111 

Email:               [email protected]

Objectives of the Workshop

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  1. Understand about the three lower bodies of Mental, Emotional and Physical that govern how a human being lives.
  2. Know about the relationship of the Soul to the three lower bodies.
  3. Understand how to gain wisdom from all experiences; pleasant or unpleasant.
  4. Know the relationship of thoughts and how they affect the soul
  5. Understand how to deal with chaotic emotional reactions that cause so much harm.
  6. Know what causes fearful thoughts and reactions.
  7. Understand what to do in stressful situations by using mindfulness and meditation.
  8. Know how to transform outer life challenges into inner life strengths.
  9. Understand how to live skilfully and with purpose.
  10. Know the secrets of a soul infused life.