About Us

This website has been facilitated by Liz McCaughey – Analytical Psychotherapist, Counsellor and popular, Metaphysical Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

Based in the major city of Hong Kong, aMindset is a company that offers face to face and online psychotherapy, counselling, clinical supervision, executive coaching and group mentoring to individuals, families, couples and organisations. With over 13 years experience, our psychological and therapy expertise ensures a dynamic and robust practise that ensures positive outcomes at an individual and company level. Our approach embraces the whole dynamic of therapy and coaching and with this holistic approach we ensure that a full understanding of the client’s needs are met and quantifiable results are achieved.

Through its website, aMindset provides a comprehensive information resource on the subject of psychological and emotional wellbeing. It has general advice, and gives pathways to professional help where indicated. Liz, herself, has vast experience of treating psychological and emotional problems and is, at present, adding to that knowledge with a Masters Degree in Counselling through Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

It is well known that mental health problems are on the rise and awareness of the more extreme end of the health spectrum – suicides, breakdowns etc – is now quite high. And, much more is being done to mitigate these problems.

What is less well understood is the increase in latent psychological and emotional problems among normal, functioning members of our society. Stress, Depression and Fear are prevalent in our busy, modern lives and can exist unnoticed, below the surface for some years.

But, they will eventually take their toll on our health and well-being. This, often neglected and little-understood, area of mental health concerns Liz very much. People rarely take any action or ask for any help until they have no choice because the problem is now serious. Catching the early warning signs and helping you to heal is what Liz means when she says that she wants to make your life better.

Liz is also concerned by the unfortunate stigma that still surrounds the very mention of Mental Health. Most ‘normal’ people have some mental/personality problems – think of what makes you nervous/stressed. Maybe public speaking, exams, talking to the boss, interviews, relationships etc. It is a very wide field and you are in the majority.

Help is available. Catch it before it has time to hurt you.

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