Based in the major city of Hong Kong, AMindset offers face-to-face and online psychotherapy, counselling, clinical supervision, executive coaching and corporate wellness progams to individuals, families, couples and organisations.

Our Thinking

Counselling – Our approach to counselling is Solution Focused with Mindfulness. An important part of this process is to talk in confidence to a trained professional who can help you find lasting solutions. AMindset offers you a safe space to work through any of your psychological issues. Counselling is offered in different formats, including individual, couple, family or group therapy sessions, and it is effective for all ages. The way that a session is conducted varies depending on the individual situation.

Coaching & Training – Our workshops and presentations provide a structured format for a company or institution to move forward and deal with the issues presented at a professional and personal level. The workshops can last from a few hours to a whole weekend.

AMindset is proud to be associated with the following charities and to offer Free and affordable Low-Cost Counselling (LCC) services in Hong Kong and Globally

Liz McCaughey is a highly effective counsellor, psychotherapist, presenter and author who specialises in solution focus and practical applications of mindfulness for business in order to maximize performance, create cohesive teams and maintain wellness.

Liz’s extensive international experience includes supporting and presenting to corporations (e.g. Shell Australia; St John’s Ambulance, Australia), Universities (e.g. Curtin University, Australia; Edith Cowen University, Australia) and the military (e.g. Royal Australian Air Force, Pierce, Australia) with group workshops, bespoke sessions and individual coaching.

Within her private practice, based in Hong Kong & Australia, Liz’s unique approach to therapy provides a supportive and safe environment. This gives her clients the freedom to explore their issues in depth. Liz’s courses provide robust and practical strategies, for dealing with life. Liz’s goal is to empower people through knowledge and psychological awareness combined with impactful techniques embedded in mindfulness and meditation.


Liz’s workshops have changed my life at all levels. Whether it is the professional or personal training, her workshops make a difference. I am so grateful my friend took me along.

Jana Richardson

Lawyer, Australia

Liz often says to me, take baby steps and you will still succeed. How right she is, the things she has taught me have shifted so many of my negative habits. I feel a positive change in my life and my attitude about myself. One baby step at a time.
Lar Kleppen


What I like about Liz’s sessions is that she always manages to hit the nail on the head. Her guidance has resulted in so many positive changes in my thoughts and how I feel. I think it would be fair to say that she saved my life.
Eva Georgeson

United Kingdom