Our approach to therapy is Solution Focused with Mindfulness. An important part of this process is to talk in confidence to a trained professional who can help you find lasting solutions. aMindset offers you a safe space to work through any of your psychological issues.

When to see a therapist?

 There are many times a therapist can help. But to keep it simple, it is worth considering therapy if you find something is causing you distress, discomfort or embarrassment. It interferes with your life and you are finding it hard to cope. Seek help before it becomes overwhelming.

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Analytical Psychotherapy

$1800, $6000 | 1, 4 sessions

Psychotherapy is the study of different mental health problems, their management and prevention. Also called talking therapy, it teaches the client more about their condition, moods, feelings, behaviours, and actions.

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Low-Cost Counselling (LCC)

From HK $450 per session 

LCC allows counselling services to be provided at a much lower cost than usual.

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HK $1000 | 1 session | 50 minutes

Individual supervision guides supervisees in achieving a positive and productive professional experience. It is tailored for the supervisee’s needs, strengths and weaknesses, to develop trust, understanding and a successful working relationship for all parties.


HK $1000 | 1 session | 120 minutes

Group supervision is an excellent way to share with peers your therapy session experiences. Listening about fellow students practical ways of working with clients adds a richness of knowledge that enables supervisees to enhance their own learning experience.


HK $750 | 1 session | 60 minutes

This is a small group session with only 2-3 therapists. The supervisee benefits from this more personal contact and still gains from other counsellors’ experiences but with shorter, more convenient timing at a more affordable cost. 


Through family counselling, families are aided by therapists in communicating better, understanding underlying issues, solving problems, and finding new ways to co-exist.


Couples counselling is a form of therapy facilitated by a professional with the aim of helping couples to address issues (e.g. related to trust or intimacy) in their relationship.


A career counsellor, therapist or a life-coach assists you to make informed career decisions. This can also help build skills to manage other problems such as poor concentration.

Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is a professional relationship that focuses on empowering parents to tackle the daily stresses and strain that can make parenting feel like an endurance test at times.

We all want to enjoy our relationship with children, not just endure them.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. In reality, it is about being honest with yourself and sorting out things that stop you from getting where you want.


Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnotic trance to help a client to achieve their intended results. By using the natural, yet altered, state of mind that is hypnosis, the interaction with the client is taking place outside of their normal cognitive state.

The client remains fully aware and in control.

Let’s Talk About (LTA)

The LTA Series was initiated as an affordable weekly group session to improve people’s health and mental wellbeing. LTA is a weekly interactive online session where all participants can learn and contribute to their own and the group’s wellbeing.

Workplace Mental Health

Over 35% of people in Hong Kong (HK) are suffering at work with symptoms of a mental health condition. HK workers are not comfortable to talk about mental health issues and they have rarely received any training related to mental health.

Training Programs

Three training programs are offered to enhance your employees’ Mental Health. The most successful employers have introduced a positive culture around mental health at work. Not only does it help their people, it also improves their organisation’s performance.