Career Counselling

Career counselling offers support to help clients manage life balance, learning and work changes. This type of counselling can help with career choices, managing career changes, and lifelong career development or other career-related issues. Career counselling typically involves a professional intervention that combines giving advice with counselling techniques that support clients in making complex decisions and facing difficult situations.
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How does career counselling work?

Do you know that you are likely to spend more than one-third of your life at work? With so much time to be spent in the office, wouldn’t you want to have a successful and happy career? Career counselling services can help you achieve that goal.

In career counselling, a career counsellor, therapist, or life coach assists you when making informed career decisions. This type of counselling can also be useful in managing a wide range of problems ranging from poor concentration, bad time management, and trust issues.

What are the topics covered in career counselling?

  • What you enjoy doing and that gives fulfilment
  • What you are good at
  • Salary expectations and worthiness
  • Your degree of comfort with risk
  • Stress
  • Finding balance in your life
  • Location and travel
  • Decision maker or team member?
  • Being true to your values
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How career counselling can help you?

Picking the Right Career

Career counsellors are educated and trained to assess an individual’s aptitude, personality, and interests. They use these qualities to determine and recommend the best career options to the client.

Expert Resources

Career counsellors can lend their expertise to students, parents and professionals who want to know their best course of action in the pursuit of a particular field or career.

Confidence Building

Career counselling sessions can give you more insight into your career paths. Through their training and education, counsellors can identify their clients’ career challenges. More importantly, counsellors can help to overcome those inevitable career hurdles.

Changing Unwanted Habits

Many students and even professionals have bad habits that can prevent them from achieving career growth and success; like procrastination, inability to focus and poor organisation skills, among many others. Career counsellors are trained to identify and correct these unwanted behaviour patterns and restore productivity at work or in school.