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Group psychotherapy and counselling is an increasingly utilised therapeutic intervention that is affordable and effective. It offers real promise in meeting today’s mental health challenges. The group process has a unique learning advantage for clients as the wisdom of the counsellor is enhanced through the sharing of personal experiences of the participants.

Unique Benefits of Group Therapy

Cost effective

Learn specific coping skills together

Give and receive support with a Closed Group

Enjoy the constant group energy for 4 weekly sessions

Be in a Safe Space with your intimate group for 4 weeks

Share and learn from the experiences of your close group

How can it help?

    Learning From Others' Experiences

    At times, it is difficult for a patient to believe that a therapist can relate to his feelings especially if the latter has never been through the same struggles. But in group counselling, participants can better connect with other people who have also dealt with the same problems. Regardless of the types of group therapy involved, therapists will also benefit from such arrangement because they will have an easier time in convincing the participants that a certain strategy or treatment is effective especially if another participant can vouch for it.

    Built-in Support System

    Through group therapy, participants can give and receive support to other people who share similar experiences. Therapists who facilitate group therapy usually encourage their participants to lean on each other, share tips and ideas on how to overcome their struggles, and collectively find ways to improve their lives. Participants are also able to move forward and past dark chapters because of the support and encouragement they get from their peers.

    Building New Relationships

    Participants in group therapy sessions also tend to develop good and healthy friendships with each other. These relationships can also extend outside of the therapy. It is easier for people to bond with other individuals who understand what they’re going through.

    Uncover Blind Spots

    Uncover the Blind Spots that may be holding you back – everyone in the Group holds up a Mirror to help you see Yourself through their Eyes.

    How do I become involved?

    We will be offering small weekly group sessions. These will be closed groups (max 4 participants) and once the session commences, no new members can join for the 4-week duration. Once you commit to the group you are expected to attend all 4 sessions.

    The group sessions will focus on helping people make fundamental changes in their way of thinking, feeling and behaving. There will also be an educational focus to help members learn specific coping skills. These therapy sessions are offered at a discounted rate as a 4-week commitment is required to make the group energy more effective.



    Price: 4 sessions — HK $2400 (HK $600 /session)
    Venue: Online or Central, HK