Creating Professional Success with

Expert Coaching and Training 

Corporate Solutions

The impact of mental stress on work and personal relationships is now recognised in Hong Kong and globally. There is a demand to reduce productivity loss by improving employee well-being and management skills. Our qualified corporate and counselling solutions teams are here to help and offer events and coaching in multiple languages.



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Learn to overcome challenges

Increase employees’ skills

Improved workplace communication

Improve consistency and employee cohesion to improve results

Enables a better understanding of responsibility and roles which helps with confidence and performance

Improves focus and intensity through specialised knowledge from experts

Executive & Business


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Increased Productivity

Improved overall morale and wellbeing

Personalised development for a sustainable outcome

The guidance that follows a developmental process to achieve goals

The flexibility of scheduling and optimised use of time by working around work schedules

The ability, with assistance, to set your own or a company’s specific goals

Why Work with AMindset?

Our workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions provide a structured format for a company or individual to move forward and deal with the issues presented. Coaching improves well-being, workplace relations and productivity leading to a healthier working environment.

Please note that all AMindset Counsellors, Therapists, Coaches and Presenters are independent operators and are not employed by AMindset. However, they are all experienced, and self-insured (although not actually a legal requirement in HK) with a minimum of one relevant Master's degree. They are professionally supervised by AMindset's lead therapist, Liz McCaughey.