Psychotherapy & Counselling Service

AMindset provides professional counselling services in Hong Kong to people who are going through personal or professional struggles. Life has its ups and downs, and being able to share your struggles with a qualified therapist in a safe environment is a proven first step toward your enhanced well-being.

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Counsellor Specialities

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What can be helped with Counselling?

If you are struggling with any of the below symptoms, consider seeking professional help:

Anxiety Disorders:

This includes phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder

Mood Disorders:

Such as bipolar disorder and depression


Such as alcoholism, substance abuse, and even compulsive gambling

Eating Disorders:

Such as bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa & binge eating

Personality Disorders:

They are many and varied and can range from odd behaviour to extreme fear


Depending on the stressor and severity, personal and work stress can be helped with only a few sessions

What types of issues can a counselling service address?

Counselling services can be used to address numerous problems and challenges:


Whether it is addiction or over-reliance on an activity or substance, it likely involves psychological addiction. Counselling looks for a way to relieve psychological addiction by exploring its root cause


The loss of a loved one can bring up emotions like anger and sadness. Speaking to a counsellor can help ease those emotions and even resolve remaining issues that the person may harbour


Depression is unlike an occasional bout of sadness. It affects a person’s day-to-day activities and is a debilitating psychological problem. Depression counselling in Hong Kong helps patients make sense of underlying emotions to improve their feelings and consequently improve their lives


Suffering from a severe illness like cancer can turn any individual’s world upside down. Through counselling, clients can come to terms with their ailments while getting emotional support

Mental Health:

Any mental health issues can cause a person to feel isolated and alone. Counselling can lead to the client gaining a better understanding of feelings resulting from mental health issues. Counselling helps to provide support to overcome personal challenges that mental health problems can aggravate


The psychological impact of trauma, whether due to an accident or being a victim of abuse, can last for years after the actual incident. In counselling, trauma victims get to explore their feelings about distressing events and find ways to resolve or change their state of mind

What are the counselling formats?

The beauty with counselling is that it can be tailor-made to suit the individual. Counselling takes several forms such as:


This is the most popular format. It gives the patient the opportunity to meet the counsellor in person and helps to establish a therapeutic alliance. It can also provide patients with the opportunity to react to any emotions or issues that may arise during the session.


An alternative to personal counselling, it is ideal for people who don’t have the time to attend a face-to-face session. It is more flexible, too, and reduces waiting time for the patient. As with online sessions, it is preferable for the initial session to be face-to-face.


This flexible alternative may be audio or include video – depending on patient’s wishes. Using modern technology, it also allows the patient time to think through ideas, emotions, and feelings they want to share with the counsellor. It is particularly useful in helping to continue regular sessions during COVID restrictions.