Couples Counselling

Romantic relationships can be likened to cars which need regular preventive maintenance. If there is an issue, it is best to have it discussed and resolved as soon as possible to avoid bigger problems that may potentially ruin the relationship. This is where couples counselling can come in.
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How does couples counselling work?

Couples counselling is a form of therapy facilitated by a professional counsellor, therapist, or psychologist to help couples address issues or problems that may be causing cracks in their relationship. It can also mitigate trust issues and help to bring intimacy back into the relationship.

Usually, couples who undergo relationship counselling are those who are faced with substantial or serious issues like constant fighting, lack of communication, financial problems, or infidelity. But, there are also couples who see a professional to help them make critical decisions such as getting married or having a baby. And, there are instances where couples decide to go through relationship counselling to better understand each other and, in the process, make a more informed decision about a long-term commitment.

What type of issues can couples counselling help?

  • Substance abuse
  • Separation or divorce
  • Infidelity and trust issues
  • Disagreements between family members
  • Mental illness or ailment of a family member
  • Financial problems or conflicts involving money
  • School problems like poor grades or bullying
  • Difficulties between siblings
  • Shared custody of children
  • Kids’ behaviour problems
  • Death in the family
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What are the benefits of couples counselling?

Enhance Communication
Couples counselling can enhance communication and subsequently, improve the understanding between two individuals.

Communication is vital in any relationship. The ability to communicate with each other, particularly in sharing their dreams, needs and fears, is essential for any couple. A relationship counselor can recognize current communication habits of couples, and more importantly, provide inputs on how to improve these. The professional can also teach couples how to better communicate with each other.

Rejuvenate Emotional Bond
Couple counselling can also rejuvenate the emotional connection between two individuals and restore the lost intimacy in a relationship. Emotions such as affection, warmth, generosity, and strong sexual desire are typically strong during the early stages of a relationship. However, as the relationship progresses, couples usually lose the feeling of connectedness. This can be due to various reasons like lack of time spent with each other or daily stress which can get in the way of intimacy.
Deeper Mutual Understanding
Relationship counselling helps couples to get to know each other at a deeper level. Through couple counselling, couples can come together and rekindle the lost intimacy or physical closeness.

Relationship counselling also enables couples to get to the root of their problems. In a distressed relationship, it is common for both parties to raise the same arguments over and over again. This can indicate that there is an unresolved problem bugging both parties. With a counsellor, couples will have an unbiased third party who can help identify and resolve deeper problems.

Rebuild Trust
Couple counselling can aid in bringing back the trust in a relationship. Couples who have been dealing with infidelity or betrayal problems naturally find it hard to trust each other again. Through couple counselling, individuals can work through the layers of issues that led to mistrust. Experts point out that infidelity is not an isolated problem; it is often due to other underlying issues which can be addressed through couples counselling.