Low-Cost Counselling

What is a Low-Cost Counselling Service?

The Low-Cost Counselling (LCC) ONLINE program is available for people who cannot afford regular therapy prices in Hong Kong or globally. Pricing starts from HK$450.

As an international company, AMindset scales the LCC depending on the client’s location and needs, and availability may be limited. LCC new clients must complete an intake questionnaire and email our lead therapist, Liz, with details and proof of their situation. Note that all LCC sessions and choice of counsellor are offered entirely at AMindset’s discretion, and there are limitations on usage as detailed below. AMindset’s Master of Counselling students usually conduct the LCC sessions, but some sessions may be facilitated by the qualified therapist team. It depends on the therapist avaialbility.

LCC New Clients, please apply below by completing our LCC intake questionnaire.

Our lead counsellor and supervisor, Liz McCaughey, will review each LCC application. A short Zoom interview with one of the AM therapists may be required.

AMindset’s low-cost counselling (LCC) is usually provided by the Master of Counselling students, but depending on availability, qualified counsellors both in Hong Kong and globally may conduct the sessions.

Our Mission

At this time of increasing anxiety and stress over the health of ourselves and our families and the uncertain economic and political future, implementing the LCC program provides an affordable opportunity to benefit from professional help. Our LCC service includes anxiety treatment, stress relief and other mental health therapies. The services will be offered only in an online format. Mental health is not just about personal development but deals with family harmony, social stability and economic well-being. We aim to offer affordable counselling both globally and in Hong Kong.

Meet our Therapist Team

Requests for the LCC program must be made through the LCC intake form – button link. If you are experiencing difficulty completing the form, please email liz@amindset.hk

Background of LCC

Offering affordable Counselling both globally and in Hong Kong

Counsellor Specialities

Select a speciality to see which counsellors specialise in that topic

How much is Low-Cost Counselling (LCC)?

LCC session prices start at HK$450 (online only) with our Qualified Therapist Team.
Qualified Therapist Team Restrictions

  • Max of 4 x HK$450 to be used within 6 weeks from the first booking date, followed by:
  • Max of 6 x HK$650 to be used within 12 weeks of the first booking date.

How long does a session of Low Cost Counselling (LCC) last?

Weekly 50-minute appointments are recommended. These are Online sessions using a variety of platforms.

Ethical Practice

Liz McCaughey will be the clinical supervisor for all therapists engaged in the LCC program.

All AMindset therapists are covered by professional insurance.

Register your interest

The LCC offers discounted and very affordable professional counselling sessions in HK and abroad

Please complete the intake questionnaire to start your journey to improved well-being

The opportunity to take advantage of this initiative is open to all individuals, businesses, or institutions who seek better psychological wellness at an individual and collective level.

“Mental health is fundamental to our collective and individual ability as humans to think, emote, interact with each other, earn a living and enjoy life. On this basis, the promotion, protection and restoration of mental health can be regarded as a vital concern of individuals, communities and societies throughout the world.”

— World Health Organisation (WHO)