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Better Mental Health

The Let’s Talk About (LTA) Series was initiated by Liz McCaughey, a qualified psychotherapist and clinical supervisor, as an affordable weekly group session to improve people’s health and mental wellbeing.

Personal development and good health are about committing to improve the way you think and navigate negative feelings. LTA is a weekly interactive online session where all participants can learn and contribute to their own and the group’s wellbeing.

The online, hourly sessions begin with a short introduction from the host about that week’s subject. Then breakout groups are arranged within Zoom where an experienced therapist facilitates small groups. The facilitator presents a summary of the group discussion once everyone has returned to the main room. Each topic covers two weeks, and the issues are varied and relevant to creating positive psychology. The weeks run independently, and you can join an LTA session at any time of the month. The session ends with a group summary and mindfulness meditation.

Participants include professionals and members of the general public. The opportunity is open for every participant to express their point of view. And the chance to facilitate a session and work with a topic of choice is also available. The following tier system is in place for participants who want to take a more active role:

Tier One

  • Minimum previous attendance – 8 sessions
  • Assist with the organisation of a breakout group

Tier Two

  • Minimum previous attendance – 12 sessions
  • Facilitate a breakout group and provide a summary

Tier Three

  • Minimum previous attendance – 16 sessions
  • Facilitate the short introduction to the larger group.

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