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An aMindset Online Psychotherapy Session is a convenient way for you to access therapy without having to travel to appointments. Liz McCaughey is a professionally qualified and registered Australian Psychotherapist who offers Psychotherapy Sessions Online using Skype.



Online Booking is available


Before your first appointment, please fill out the Client Data Form and send to – this will only have to be completed once. Appointments are limited. If you are unable to find a suitable session time, please email and we will try to accommodate you.

Note: Please see our Help Page if you need help with filling in the web pdf form 

You are always welcome to personally email Liz: about any questions you may have regarding aMindset’s Online Psychotherapy Program.

With online therapy you will be able to access a qualified and experienced therapist using Skype technology. Part of your Skype appointment will be conducted like a face-to-face session and you will be able to see, hear and interact with your therapist ‘virtually’ for part of the session.

All you need is a computer, a reliable internet service and a place where the session can take place where you will not be interrupted.

Please complete and return the Client Data Form to get started and do not pay until an appointment has been arranged.


50 min Skype Session


Each session is a one-on-one 50-minute Skype session. It can be video & audio or just audio – your preference.



You will need a computer with a camera (optional) and an audio capacity.  A reliable internet or broadband service is essential.  You will have to create a Skype account and you can find out about Skype through this SkypeLink. You will need an email address for contact with Liz and be familiar with Internet Banking or Paypal to pay your account in advance – 24 hours prior to each session.  Except in extreme situations, full payment is required for any appointment that is cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment.

Each session will last for a total duration of 50-minutes and you will have to find a private space where you know you will not be disturbed during that time. A set of headphones with a microphone would be ideal but is not necessary.

Once an online appointment is made, you will receive an email with clear instructions on how to access your online appointment using Skype.


Online therapy using the internet and Skype is convenient for people who are not able to travel to appointments either because of physical or emotional difficulties. It is ideal for the busy, stressed and overworked individual who is always trying to fit too much into the day.  Not having to travel to appointments is a great time-saver.  Online therapy also ensures that even if you or your therapist relocates, your therapy sessions will not be interrupted.

A recent study by Mashable, a top social media Blog, shows that online therapy is just as effective as in-person treatment.


The common psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, worry and work or general stress will all benefit from online therapy. The problems presented when you are trying to cope with the impending or actual loss of a loved one and understanding grief and being able to grieve will benefit from these sessions. Relationship issues also matter. A person does not need to die for you to feel loss. The problem of pain and anger management are also suitable for online psychotherapy. Online therapy using Skype is a great way to bring therapy to people who may not have been able to consider it previously in their life.

Indeed some people prefer the online approach as they feel less inhibited using the internet as a medium of contact and this results in their therapy session being more grounded and honest. An issue that may cause acute embarrassment sitting in a chair opposite a therapist may not seem quite so shaming via Skype.

Online therapy can also be kept private as it is done in the comfort and safety of your own home. You and the therapist create & share a safe-space that allows you to heal, recover and find more happiness in your life.


If a person’s life is in danger then online therapy is not suitable as the person has to be supported by a physical presence of a therapist who is in close contact with the medical services in the area concerned.

Severe psychological issues that are in the psychotic or extreme bi-polar range are not appropriate. Although bi-polar clients may be considered if they are already working with a psychiatrist and using the necessary medication. These clients will be asked to speak with their therapist prior to acceptance into the Online Therapy program.

At present Online Therapy is not covered by private health insurance, but please contact your private health supplier to find out more.


If you think you would like to become part of Liz’s Online Psychotherapy Program please complete the Client Data FormThe completion of this form provides information to decide if you will truly benefit from these Therapy Sessions. If required Liz will arrange a 15-minute Free Skype session to clarify any outstanding points you would like answered prior to the 1st session. 



Female by computer Image Psychotherapy Kumarahub

The world is a very busy place and many people feel under pressure because of the frantic pace of life. Whether you feel stressed, not good enough with handling LIFE or just unhappy with your existence. Therapy is a great way to tackle and overcome some of these issues. Online psychotherapy is a convenient way for you to access therapy in private without having to waste time by travelling to appointments.

50 min Skype Session

Paying by PayPal is easy and safe. You do not need an account and you will be able to use your credit cards.

But, setting up an account is quick and free and would be handy for all of your online transactions. 

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