Are you where you want to be in life

Life deals us many blows but it also gives us a fantastic amount of opportunities.  Are you where you want to be in life now and you might have thought about missed opportunities? Now if you have an internal dialogue that is telling you that you are not good enough then you might believe these opportunities are not for you to own.  In that instance you may become bogged down with the negative thoughts and miss the opportunities. So many people believe they are not good enough because of past conditioning that is deeply embedded in their unconscious.  I refer to this as the invisible enemy and I do believe these unconscious thoughts have to be addressed whether through therapy of whatever method suits you.  But I also believe in personal willpower and the ability of each individual to push through and achieve your dreams. Are

Oprah Winfrey is a person who is incredibly successful but she did not start that way. Life presented her with many negative moments.

In this video she talks about the shadows and how they unconsciously tell you, ‘you are not good enough.’ 

She says if you are not conscious of these shadows, then you end up acting out of that negative belief system. You fail to tap into the truest part of you which is your soul and all your greatness. She says that she is where she is in life because of the choices she made for herself. She says that she came to the realisation that where you are in life is the result of what you truly believe to be the truth for yourself, what you believe you deserve for yourself. 

You have to act from that truth and then make the decision of where you want to be.  Once you have done that you take action to make it happen. It requires you to truly believe you are a great person and to know that you are wise and wonderful. You then fill your mind with those positive thoughts or affirmations so there is no room for the negative, unworthy thoughts.  

Oprah says that if you want to change your life, you should believe in yourself, believe that the life you want is well within your reach and you should get rid of the feelings of unworthiness.  

This is a short but inspiring video which is worth watching.  I hope you find inspiration and I hope by watching it you feel inspired to achieve what you want from your life. Are you where you want to be in life?



Curated by Liz McCaughey


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