Be kind to Yourself Mindfulness Meditation

  1. Find that quiet place and close your eyes.
  2. Think of something an event or words that has hurt you.
  3. Don’t focus too long on it just be aware of what it is.
  4. Now imagine it is written on a white board.
  5. The thing that has caused you so much hurt and pain see it written on a white board.
  6. As you continue your meditation see yourself in your minds eye going to the white board and with a big cloth wiping away the hurt.
  7. As you do this silently say: “I let go of the hurt.”
  8. If the words appear on the white board again just wipe them away again as you silently say: “I let go of the hurt.’  Keep doing this for as long as you are able.
  9. If you have to stop the meditation to get on with your day – just repeat the process with the same ‘hurt’ when you are able to return to meditation.
  10. Keep repeating this process until you can truly let go of that hurt or pain.


When you are ready and feel you have achieved what was needed during this Daily M & M gently open your eyes and smile and enjoy the rest of your day.

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