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If you have problems with the booking platform, use the request form below – or see our Contact page

Open for more detailed instructions on use of the Online Scheduling & Payment Box below

    1. Therapist Team
      1. Go to the Team page
      2. Review the therapists
        1. Note the ‘Appointment Types’ they offer (e.g. LCC or Hypnotherapy)
      3. Book and Pay
        1. Return to this Bookings page using the ‘Book and Pay’ button at the top of every page.
        2. Refer to the ONLINE BOOKING and PAYMENT box below
        3. Choose Appointment
          1. Repeat client – Log in with your details
          2. New client – Please register to save time on the next visit
        4. Packages
          1. If you have purchased a package of multiple sessions, click Redeem Package and enter your email or package code. You will be able to see your remaining sessions and or bookings and to book your next appointment. Book your individual sessions for the service that you purchased as normal through the system and pay for them using your code.
        5. Choose a Category – Details the Appointment Types
          1. Select Appointment Type
          2. Select your therapist
          3. Packages – when you book and pay for a package you will be given a code to redeem the package.
        6. Appointment Time
          1. Select an available date from the calendar
          2. Select a time from the dropdown menu
            1. Continue takes you to the personal details & payment page
            2. Add a time… enables you to book more time – this is not activated at the moment
            3. Recurring… enables you to make multiple bookings (up to a maximum of 40 days ahead)
          3. Personal Details & Payment
            1. Returning Clients
              1. If you haven’t already, please register – top right corner
            2. New clients
              1. Input your details – these can be saved
            3. Tick the terms box (or fill in the intake form if it is your first appointment)
          4. Payment
            1. Choose the method of payment: Stripe (top ‘Pay Now’ box and handy for Credit Card safe storage) or PayPal below. Both accept credit cards without membership
              1. All appointments must be paid for during the booking.
            2. Payment Confirmation
              1. An email will be sent immediately with details and link buttons for changes, cancellations or rescheduling.


For easy mobile booking, get the Acuity Client Mobile App and add the

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Payment Methods


PayMe (Updated)

Roger’s work phone: +852 9496 9014

Bank Transfer


BANK of CHINA: Bank Code:  012

Account:  875-20138758

Please forward the bank slip by email with the relevant date and event to [email protected]