Brain Unlocking Scientific Breakthrough

Brain Unlocking Scientific Breakthrough

There is new medical research that is trying to unlock the secrets of the brain.  A number of countries are involved but it is in Japan that the newest information is to be found. Scientist in Tokyo are developing a prototype of a neuro-communicator that uses a skull cap to determine and analyse P300 waves.  Brain Unlocking Scientific Breakthrough

Brain Decision Making Component

The P300 (P3) wave is a component elicited in the process of the decision making process. It is considered to be an endogenous (internal) potential, as its occurrence links not to the physical attributes of a stimulus, but to a person’s reaction to it. The P300 wave patterns are very subtle but they can be reasonably accurately identified and their message understood using analysis and using a virtual decision making function that allows the operator to detect what is being said.

This is a major breakthrough for people with severe motor impairments as they now have a chance to communicate over 500+ messages.  The device, which is called a brain-machine interface, directly connects the human brain and a computer. The research can also help people with severe paralysis as researchers at the University of Washington, Seattle discovered. The research is even being used to program basic household appliances. It is research that can be life-changing on many levels as brain unlocking may be the elixir for the next medical breakthrough.  The brain is still mostly an unknown component in medical science and this machine can only help further our knowledge of how the brain works. It is wonderful that research like this is being done for medical sciences and it will give hope to many who suffer paralysis and other similarly terrible ailments.

Meditation Secrets

However, it will be interesting if they ever use this machine on a person that does regular meditation.  Then the secret benefits of meditation may be revealed and empirically recorded.

Mind Directly Influences Matter

Mind Directly Influences Matter

In 1939 a Russian electrical engineer named Semyon Kirlian discovered electrophotography or bio-electrical photography, a photographic technique of capturing and showing the electrical discharges around an object. This has become known as Kirlian Photography and it has been used to photograph a human being. Kirlian Photography shows the light, in various colours, which surrounds a human being’s body. This light is also referred to as the human aura or the human etheric body. The use of electrophotography has been used since the 1930s for scientific research in parapsychology and paranormal health. This started the understanding of how mind directly influences matter.

Mind Directly Influences Matter

In this present day another Russian, Dr Konstantin Korotkov a Professor of Physics at St Petersburg University is using Kirlian photography to research the link between the unseen world of thought and the visible world of matter. His research is based on the fact that a human is constantly emitting energy and if the person can change the energy that surrounds their body they can change the world. Dr Korotkov claims that thinking in a certain way can have a positive or negative effect on the surrounding environment.

“We are developing the idea that our consciousness is part of the material world and that with our consciousness we can directly influence our world.”

If this is shown to be true then not only will teaching and expanding the mind be important but controlling the mind and what it thinks will be just as critical. Mainstream science accepting this link between thought and what manifests as matter, as a result of that thought, is quite a breakthrough for metaphysics.

But you do have to wonder about the present thoughts that humanity are thinking, as you witness a world at war that is experiencing so much pain, suffering and loss.


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Stars and Orbiting Planets

It is amazing to think there are so many stars in the sky and each one of those has at least one planet orbiting it. In her talk: The Search for Planets beyond our solar system, astronomer Sara Seager explains about these exoplanets, a planet which orbits a star outside of the solar system. This KumaraHub video article Stars and Orbiting Planets features Sara Seager as she introduces her favorite set of exoplanets and shows new technology that can help collect information about them — and even help us look for exoplanets with life.

A short TED video presentation which after watching may make you think twice when you look to the heavens and try to comprehend the number of stars and planets that you see in the night sky.

Stars and Orbiting Planets


Stars and Orbiting Planets

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What are Black Holes and Parallel Universes

What are Black Holes and Parallel Universes

Black holes and Parallel Universes

According to Profession Stephen Hawking within the theoretical consideration of Quantum Mechanics black holes have no event horizon, but instead Black holes and Parallel Universes have something in common.  An Event Horizon is defined as being a theoretical boundary which surrounds black holes through which no light or anything at all can escape. The theory of event horizon is based on Albert Einstein’s mathematical Theory of Relativity. Einstein was born in 1879 and was a German theoretical physicist who developed the General Theory of Relativity which is one of the present day pillars of modern physics.  Event Horizons are based on mathematical consequences based on Einstein’s theory. These event horizon calculations theorise that a person, or more correctly an astronaut, would pass through an Event Horizon associated with a black hole having no awareness of their impending imprisonment and eventual doom. Their demise being the result of the singularity of the the black holes hypothetical dense core which would crush them to death. 

However Joseph Polchinski an American Theoretical Physicist and String Theorist who graduated from UC Berkley in 1980 has reexamined the theory in detail. He believes that the laws of Quantum Mechanics, which looks at particles in smaller scales, changes the theory completey.  Polchinski does not agree with the event horizon calculation based on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and instead says that within the theory of Quantum physics event horizons are very energetic places and this energetic region has been called a “Firewall’. This firewall would mean that the astronaut would not be crushed to death but would instead be burnt to a crisp. Neither theory holds out much hope for the poor astronaut.

Black Holes and Parallel Universes

However, the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has put forward a 3rd theory which does not totally disagrees with Einstein and Polanski.  Hawkings is a physicist based at the University of Cambridge, UK and is an expert on black hole theory. In his 2014 online paper he says that the theory of an event horizon, the invisible boundary that shrouds each black hole which subsequently prevents anything from ever escaping, is not correct. Instead Hawkings theorises that the quantum effects which are around the black hole would cause the space-time to fluctuate too much for an actual boundary to exist. Hawkins says that instead of an Event Horizon there is an Apparent Horizon which can eventually dissolve allowing matter and energy to escape.

Hawkins new theory is far from complete and more is expected to emerge.  However it does seem that Black Holes are not as black as they appear and that information could escape a Black Hole and even get into parallel universes. Indeed Hawking’s believes that anything that goes into a Black Hole has to go somewhere and that somewhere may be to another parallel universe.  

“The existence of alternative histories with black holes suggests this might be possible…. The hole would need to be large and if it was rotating it might have a passage to another universe. But you couldn’t come back to our universe.” Professor Stephen Hawking

Whether the discussion is about Black Holes, Event Horizons or even Quantum Physics the interesting fact is that one of the most renowned scientists in this modern age has indicated that he believes in parallel universes. It may have taken a paper related to Black Holes and modern science to bring about this change of mind within the scientific community about Parallel Universes. With this new expansion of the scientific community’s beliefs, perhaps the attitude that there are no other living races within the infinite universe is the next scientific tenet to be repudiated.