Liz McCaughey

Liz McCaughey


Language: English. 

Liz McCaughey is the Co-Founder of AMindset, her HK-based company, and Kumara which is based in Australia. She has over 15 years of clinical experience in the treatment of general psychological disorders. She specialises in depression, anxiety, work or study stress & relational conflicts.  Liz is also a presenter of multiple workshops relating to psychological and spiritual subjects.

She is renowned for bridging the gaps between psychology, spirituality, and human potential. Using her psychology training, life experience, and spiritual knowledge she weaves modern science with ancient spiritual text and brings about real solutions at an individual and group level.

Liz has supported and facilitated group therapy sessions and presented workshops for large corporations, as well as at universities and military locations. In her workshops, Liz’s teaching is filled with wisdom – but also laughter. Liz teaches from a perspective of personal experience by drawing on her rich and varied life. With a career structure that includes being an air traffic controller, corporate businesswoman, psychotherapist, mentor, mother, and spiritual entrepreneur, Liz has a depth of awareness and expertise to benefit all people – young to old.

Liz’s therapy provides a supportive and safe environment that enables clients to explore their present difficulties and to find ways of resolving them. Liz assists people to empower themselves through, knowledge, psychological awareness, and stress-relief techniques of mindfulness and meditation.

Born in Scotland, Liz did not wait long to start travelling and enjoying the rich experiences that places like India, the USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, Africa, China, New Zealand, South America, Poland, Central America, Scandinavia, and Russia have to offer. She has lived and worked in the UK, Germany, Australia, and Hong Kong.

Through her Daily Mind Matters Page Liz offers free audio meditations and practical techniques to cope with the various problems that present in life.

Liz lives in Hong Kong with her husband, Roger. When Rog and Liz are not working they spend their time travelling the world and also visiting their 3 sons in the various locations of the UK and Australia.

The Therapy sessions that Liz offers can be found HERE.

The Workshops that Liz presents can be found HERE

Her workshops are presented at various locations in Central, HK.


  • Clinical Supervisor, ACA College of Supervisors (2019)
  • Master of Counselling, Monash University (2018-2019)
  • Graduate Diploma Analytic Psychotherapy, Churchill Clinic, Australia (2009)
  • Diploma Analytic Psychotherapy, Churchill Clinic, Australia (2005)

Liz is our Senior Therapist and her fees are:

HK$ 1,800 for one 50mins session  –  HK$ 6,000 for a package of 4 sessions

Online Booking is available
Contact Liz via What’s App:   +852 6270 9109


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Anoush Davies

Anoush Davies


Languages: English & Russian. 

Anoush is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, a professional life and family coach, an NLP master practitioner and the founder of Upbright Global, a boutique coaching and training business based in Hong Kong.

Anoush uses various techniques including therapeutic hypnosis, CBT, coaching skills and neurolinguistics programming in order to assist individuals in gaining their equilibrium, create new thought patterns, reframe perceptions, and transform their lives in a myriad of ways. She provides a non-judgmental and safe environment necessary for clients to maximize their success in removing negative habits and addictions, reducing anxiety and stress, dealing with grief and loss, eliminating fears and phobias, and erasing unwanted memories.

Incorporating motivational techniques, Anoush facilitates clients in discovering their unique paths that ensure effective and long-lasting positive change and personal evolution. Every person is a unique individual seeking authenticity. Anoush believes that upon identifying and removing emotional barriers and obstacles, each person can gain their sense of self, allowing them to live life with happiness and a sense of deep fulfilment. Anoush’s international life experience, corporate background and extensive training and credentials position her to expertly support individuals in creating meaning in their professional and personal lives.

Anoush also delivers coaching sessions and training sessions to international and local businesses in English or Russian. She provides group sessions on topics including positive parenting, family life, work-life balance and wellness that businesses wish to offer to their employees or clients.

Prior to starting her hypnotherapy and coaching journey, Anoush worked for many years in the corporate world in the United States and Russia. Since then her family has lived in five different countries and experienced first-hand how it is to up-sticks and dive into new cultures.

Anoush has worked with a large number of individuals and businesses such as HSBC, LiFung Foundation, Appleby, Chatteris Educational Foundation, BBDO and others. Her clients come from different backgrounds from stay at home parents to leaders of large multicultural organisations. Anoush firmly believes that with the right type of support everyone is capable of transforming their lives, let go of limiting beliefs, unlock potential and make optimal use of the opportunities.

Anoush holds a master’s degree in language and marketing from the Moscow City University and in professional interpretation and translation from the Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Technology. She is currently studying for a Master of Science in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health at Kings College, London. Prior to moving to the mental and emotional health practice, Anoush worked for many years as a professional translator including for global law firm Linklaters in Moscow, and in marketing and business coordination for MEC Technologies in the United States.

The Hypnotherapy sessions that Anoush offers can be found Here

Find information on Anoush’s Parent Coaching Here

Anoush is an experienced and well-qualified therapist who practices in English and Russian.

Her fees are:

Parent Coaching:  Package of SIX 1 hr sessions – HKD 6,200

Hypnotherapy: Package of FOUR 1-1.5hr sessions – HKD 5,200

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PS. Anoush also offers Life Coaching sessions Here


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