Resham Hemlani

Resham Hemlani


Career Coaching. 

Resham Hemlani, one of the founding members of Hong Kong’s leading ed-tech platform Xccelerate, is passionate about eliminating the financial barrier between education and opportunity for driven learners. As the Chief People Officer of Xccelerate and career coach, she strives hard to empower individuals from all walks of life and unleash their potential through upskilling and reskilling. Over the past four years, Resham has assisted hundreds of Xccelerate students with pivoting their careers in the tech industry and finding new positions in leading corporations and start-ups. Prior to Xccelerate, Resham founded her first education start-up at age 16 and led a psychology research project at the University of Cambridge.

Resham offers Career Coaching for HK$550 per 50 min session

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Time to Talk Day

Time to Talk Day

Children are biologically wired to communicate with their parents, yet as they grow older, they don’t always express their need to connect. Use your position as a parent and find time today (and then aim for a couple of times a week regularly) to talk to your child and start a two-way, open conversation. 

Below are a few tips to help you with this:

1. Use one-to-one time

Make your time together quality time. Whether it’s during a car drive, while walking the dog or having a meal together, these moments often present themselves without any special arrangement or agreement and too often we are too busy or too tired to use them. Seize that moment today and start the chat. 

2. Start by being a good non-judgemental listener

Sometimes children are willing to share something but there is no convenient time to do just that. Now you have that quality time together, try using some of these questions and statements to begin a conversation with your older child:

  • Tell me your most interesting story of today. 
  • It makes me glad that we have lots of time to talk. 
  • What were the highs and lows of your day? 
  • What are the feelings that make you afraid/happy/sad/angry? 
  • What was the worst part about today for you? 

If your child is not ready to talk, start by sharing something yourself. You can use the same prompts for yourself.

3. Be curious

Pay attention to detail and ask questions once they finish sharing. 

  • Help me understand your feelings a little better. Tell me more. 
  • Tell me what you were most concerned about then? And now?
  • What did you really wish for when this happened? 

4. Express empathy

Unconditionally accept your child’s story, without taking sides, validate expressed feelings even if you don’t agree with their point of view. Let them know you empathise with them. 

  • I wish you didn’t have to go through this. 
  • Oh, wow, that sounds tough. 
  • You probably felt really _______________ (fill in emotion). 
  • No wonder you were (are) upset. 
  • I’d feel the same way you do in your situation. 
  • What fun! 
  • That sounds fantastic. 
  • What a surprise. 
  • That’s just shocking. 
  • That would make me _______________ (fill in emotion: mad, sad, angry) too. 


5.  Use the body language of openness (a smile, nod, pat on the shoulder, hug). 

The importance of body language and tone of voice in non-verbal communication cannot be overstated. Try these to deepen the connection. Touch your child’s arm to show that you’re paying attention and are concerned about what they’re saying. Mirror their body language and lean forward. And if they have crossed arms and/or legs, slowly change your own body language as the conversation progresses to a more open one, most likely they will follow. Make eye contact with your child and turn to face him or her while being on their level. Be aware that sometimes, it is better to have a deeper meaningful conversation with older children while being “in parallel” (like when you are driving or walking the dog) as it might be easier for them to share without direct eye contact. 


6. Look for alternative solutions or give advice should it be needed

This point is for the times when your child directly asks for advice, and/or you both are in a calm state of mind without any high-level emotions that need addressing first. So, assuming you are having a calm constructive conversation, you can continue further and explore deeper. Do not use this time to lecture or give them a prescription, but rather, brainstorm together. 

  • What could be the next step?
  • What can you do differently next time?
  • What do you think would be the better outcome of this situation? It is under your control?

Give them time to think and be there to support and encourage. 

Several decades of research show that frequent, open and non-judgemental conversations between parents and children build mutual trust and respect, pave the way to stronger connection and boost a child’s self-esteem. 

Enjoy your Time to Talk today.

If you would like to speak with a counsellor about how we can support you, please contact us.

Anoush Davies

Find out more about Anoush here

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Anoush Davies

Anoush Davies

NOTE: Anoush is unable to take on any more clients at present.    LIFE COACHING. 

Languages: English & Russian. 

Anoush is a certified life coach (ACC ICF), NLP master practitioner and certified hypnotherapist (EKAA, IDMHA) based in Hong Kong and practising online across the planet.

Her holistic approach brings clarity, direction and positive support for her clients. Anoush uses various techniques including therapeutic hypnosis, CBT, coaching skills and neurolinguistics programming in order to assist individuals in gaining their equilibrium, create new thought patterns, reframe perceptions, and transform their lives in a myriad of ways. She provides a non-judgmental and safe environment necessary for clients to maximize their success in removing negative habits and addictions, reducing anxiety and stress, dealing with grief and loss, eliminating fears and phobias and erasing unwanted memories.

Incorporating motivational techniques, Anoush facilitates clients in discovering their unique paths that ensure effective and long-lasting positive change and personal evolution. Every person is a unique individual seeking authenticity. Anoush believes that upon identifying and removing emotional barriers and obstacles, each person can gain their sense of self, allowing them to live life with happiness and a sense of deep fulfilment. Anoush’s international life experience, corporate background and extensive training and credentials position her to expertly support individuals in creating meaning in their professional and personal lives.

Prior to starting her hypnotherapy and coaching journey, Anoush worked for many years in the corporate world in the United States and Russia. Since then her family has lived in five different countries and experienced first-hand how it is to up-sticks and dive into new cultures.

Anoush holds a master’s degree in language and marketing from Moscow City University and in professional interpretation and translation from Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Technology. She is currently studying for a Master of Science in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health at Kings College, London. Prior to transitioning into mental and emotional health practice, Anoush worked for many years as a professional translator including for global law firm Linklaters in Moscow, and in marketing and business coordination for MEC Technologies in the United States.

Anoush provides Life Coaching services in English and Russian:

Single 1hr sessions at HK$850       Package of 6 sessions at HK$4,800

Anoush believes that a full course of 6 sessions is critical to gaining long-term benefits


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We’re Working On It

We’re Working On It

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Rachel Juriansz

Rachel Juriansz

Master of Counselling: Monash University, HK.

Fee: HK$850 per 50mins.

Languages: English.

Hello. My name’s Rachel and I truly believe counselling offers a scientifically proven path to help people manage various troubling emotional, psychological and other issues.

In life, it’s easy to become negative, lost, stuck and disconnected by events, experiences and life struggles. I am motivated to support and guide people to explore their issues, find resolutions to feel better and more connected to others and to function meaningfully.

I offer a safe, respectful and confidential space to listen to your life stories, your struggles and together we can clarify your values, goals and strengths. Together we identify barriers, unhelpful patterns or behaviours, problem solve, learn new skills and implement actions to help you cope and to resolve your issues.

I address a variety of issues such as anxiety, depression, negative thoughts, hopelessness, relationship stress, insomnia, grief and conflict drawing on Problem Solving techniques, Cognitive Behavioural Therapies like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and mindfulness work.

I look forward to safely steering you towards a better more fulfilling and functional life.


  • Master of Counselling, Monash, Australia
  • Bachelor of Business Admin, RMIT Australia
  • General Nurse training, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): Intensive online training course
  • ACT for Depression and Anxiety Disorders: Online course
  • Member of Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association (HKPCA)
  • Member of Australian Counselling Association. (ACA)


Rachel is available for online and face to face counselling sessions in English.

Please schedule a session to discover how we can work together towards resolving your issues and reaching your goals.

Rachel is available for Low-Cost Counselling (LCC) sessions.

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Rebecca Bushell

Rebecca Bushell

NOTE: Rebecca is unable to take on any NEW clients at present. 

Master of Counselling Student, Monash University, HK.

Fee: HK$350 per 50mins. 

Languages: English.

Rebecca has degrees in Midwifery, as well as Biology and Psychology, acquired before moving to Hong Kong in 2014. Since arriving in Hong Kong, Rebecca has worked in private settings – both hospital and clinic – as a midwife and an educator.

Rebecca believes that as a counsellor it is essential to build a strong mutual relationship with her clients (based on trust) so that they feel safe and heard. As such, she believes that counselling should be an empathic and compassionate partnership where both work together in order to reach the client’s goals. There is an implicit understanding that a safe supportive environment must be cultivated so that she can allow her clients the freedom to explore their difficulties and be able to resolve them. Rebecca is passionate about mental health particularly mental wellness and supporting people to be able to find and achieve this.

As an approachable, supportive and welcoming person, and a confident communicator, Rebecca is ready to advocate for all; these skills are at the heart of the person-centred care that she offers. She aims to offer and provide a holistic, individual-based service that meets the specific needs of her clients.

Rebecca is a registered and qualified midwife in Hong Kong and the UK. This training has enabled her to be a confident, competent and skilled practitioner capable of working autonomously, independently and within a team.

Rebecca lives in Hong Kong on the Southside with her husband, two daughters and two cats. She enjoys reading, crocheting and knitting, swimming. Rebecca is currently attempting to learn to rollerblade.

Rebecca is available for Low-Cost Counselling (LCC) sessions in English.

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