“We are the change we have been waiting for.”
Barack Obama

It takes courage to change, but how do you learn to be courageous?

Is it about acting and doing thing differently?

Younger versus Older Generation

The process of change involves taking action and doing things in a different way. Being courageous also means you have to look at how you think.  It’s an interesting concept that the younger generation tend to be less afraid than the older folk. The reason for this phenomenon is the latter (ie older generation) spent their life being conditioned to believe that most things were impossible. They were conditioned to accept what they had, and just be thankful for their lot. They were discouraged from rocking the boat and to try to be what they were not; this was especially true when it related to class and employment.

Life’s Lessons

Of course, the younger generations’ belief patterns were not without complication and disadvantage. They were encouraged to think they were unique and very special. They were brainwashed by their parents or carers into believing they could achieve anything they wanted. When they left home, the generations of X, Y, Z and Millennials soon discovered that they were not unique. How could they be when the definition of unique is being the only one, unequalled and distinct?

The big bad world showed them that there were thousands of other very special people around. Life does not always give you what you want is something they soon came to realise. Especially, for example, when their ‘specialness’ was not good enough when trying to get a job. For the younger generation, this has resulted in mental problems including anxiety, stress and depression. The life lessons of the younger group are somewhat different from the older generation. The generations of X, Y, Z and Millennials may not carry as much fear as the older generation, but they do carry other negative emotions.

Nothing is Impossible

The younger generation have a foundation-of-belief that is not based on impossible which is a good thing. They are not so afraid to be adventurous and challenge themselves to try new things.  The ‘start-up’ companies that are proliferating the planet attest to this. The old traditional companies no longer dominate commence, retail and business inventiveness.

The Path of Least Resistance

The world is a busy place which is full of distractions. When a person is trying to be courageous and change their life around, this distraction can get in the way of change. Distractions can sometimes lead you down familiar paths. Those directions may be comfortable, but you have to ask yourself; is it challenging you? Is the same old direction stimulating you to challenge what you are thinking and doing? Are you going forward when you are treading the same path you have walked for years?

Is courage, determination and effort needed when you take the path of least resistance and know exactly where you are going and what to expect?  The truthful answer is – No.

Courage to Change

If you want to be different, if you want your life to change – then you have to make the changes happen.  This can be scary, and courage is needed, but if you don’t try to change, how will you ever know your full potential? At times you may want to curse yourself for trying to do something that is clearly beyond you (or so your inner-gremlin may want you to believe) but being courageous means you push through the ordeal. Then you will succeed and eventually spit out at the other end brighter, stronger and wiser.

It is only your fear-based beliefs that get in the way and they can only do that if you let them. The human being is a resilient soul. If you want to overcome your fears and shift your energy from fear to warrior, then keep going.  No matter what age you are, every person has to have courage if they want to change and evolve and become a stronger and happier person.

The next time you face a challenge and feel like giving up just silently say to yourself: “I can do this because I have courage and I am strong.” No matter the generation, saying a short phrase like this has been shown to work. Try it for yourself. The next time courage is failing say it and see how it helps you overcome the old negative, fearful habits.