Kelly Hutchison:    Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant

Core Competencies:  High Performance Coaching, Leadership, Reflective Practice, Organization Development

Kelly is an executive coach and leadership consultant with 25+ years of experience helping people to adapt and lead with greater impact in complex international settings.  She focuses on personal leadership as both a practice and performance, a perspective gained through her early years performing internationally as a musician.  Over her long career in Human Resources and Organization Development, she has worked with talented people at all levels to achieve success on the corporate ‘stage’.  She is experienced in multiple industries, including financial services, retail, consumer goods, media/publishing, and technology, and has led divisional, regional, and global teams.

Kelly leverages her executive coaching skills and counselling qualifications to help her clients address a range of challenges, including transitioning into leadership roles, handling difficult workplace relationships, and managing anxiety and stress to develop resilience and increase overall impact. She also helps new and emerging leaders develop their own authentic leadership style and ‘voice’ to accelerate their personal and professional practice.

Kelly helps her clients understand and manage themselves more effectively, enabling them to influence positive change around them.  Warm, engaging, and unconventional, Kelly works collaboratively with her clients to set big goals, tackle major challenges, seize opportunities, and reflect on their personal impact.  She uses a strengths-based approach to help her clients discover what makes them uniquely brilliant, and then identify habits and patterns which might be keeping them from achieving their goals. She is experienced with a range of feedback instruments and psychometric tools, including the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series and DiSC.


Master of Counselling, Monash University (Australia)

Master of Applied Science (Innovation & Org Dynamics/Leadership), RMIT University (Australia)

Bachelor of Arts (Liberal Arts/Music), Florida State University (USA);

Level Two Coach, Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership (Australia).



Hong Kong Society of Counselling & Psychology

Australian Counselling Association

Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association


Chris Dudgeon

Executive Coaching & Workshop Presenter

Become a greater leader by living the best version of yourself.

Are you entering a new phase in your career where you are looking to take your leadership and performance to new, all-around levels of achievement?

Are there aspects of your ways of thinking and performing that you feel are holding you back from making this happen?

After 20 years in executive and leadership roles in global law and accountancy firms, I retrained as a psychotherapist. This enables me to work with my clients to help them understand themselves first, identify what they need to change, and successfully implement this in all parts of their lives.

My approach to coaching goes deeper than cognitive reframing. I support my clients through rigorous self-appraisal and follow this with sustainable, long-term strategies. This also involves skills training and support around empathetic leadership, focused on your ability to have a motivating impact on those around you.

If you are interested in bringing about a fundamental change in your leadership and performance, get in touch with me, Chris Dudgeon, to schedule an introductory session.


  • MBA, Henley Business School
  • CPA (Australia) and Chartered Management Accountant (UK)
  • Master of Counselling, Monash University and Master of Narrative Therapy, University of Melbourne (ongoing)
  • Registered Psychotherapist in Hong Kong (HKPCA, PSHK), Australia (ACA, PACFA) and UK (NCS)



紮根於香港,AMindset為本地及海外個人、家庭、伴侶及機構提供面對面以及網上的心理諮商服務 、心理輔導服務、臨床督導服務、管理培訓,以及制定企業健康方案



心理輔導 – 我們的心理輔導服務以透過靜觀解決問題為核心。 輔導過程中,最重要的就是與受過專業訓練的治療師對話,他們能夠協助您覺察及發掘持久可行的解決之道。AMindset提供安全舒適的空間,去妥善探討及處理任何心理的議題。輔導能以個人、伴侶、家庭,及團體模式進行,且對各年齡及發展階段的人群都能帶來成效。輔導內容及過程將因應諮詢者不同情況而訂。


培訓 – 我們的工作坊以規劃模組化的形式為企業或機構開展培訓,滿足他們各種個人或是專業層面的需求。工作坊的時數非常彈性,可以是數小時或是數天,單次或定期舉辦。




AMindset提供專業心理諮商輔導講座工作坊及企業健康方案。我們希望藉著費用合宜的心理諮商及教育服務改善您的生活, 並從個人需求及專業能力培訓等角度出發,為您的身心健康提供穩健的基礎。我們的專業心理諮商師可免費提供二十分鐘的諮商介紹(LCC低成本心理諮詢計劃除外),如有需要,歡迎查詢。


Megan Chan

行為認知治療(CBT), 辯證行為治療(DBT), 接納與承諾治療(ACT),人本治療心理諮商師








Megan諮商的範疇包含憂鬱問題,焦慮及壓力調適,家庭與人際關係困難等,分析每個人不同的背景及需求,整合專長治療模式如行為認知治療(Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, CBT), 辯證行為治療(Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, DBT),及接納與承諾治療 (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, ACT),以人為中心出發,依據不同的問題及目標,擬定個人化的諮商方案。






PESI辯證行為治療 DBT證書(認證中)


AMindset Pricing

All AMindset Counsellors are, at a minimum, Masters of Counselling:

HONG KONG The following prices are per 50 mins session for clients who are based in HK:

Individual: Three Tiers available – depends on which therapist

a. HK$1,500 per session  or  Pre-paid package of 4 sessions: HK$5,600

b. HK$1,150 per session  or  Pre-paid package of 4 sessions: HK$4,200

c. HK$850    per session or  Pre-paid package of 4 sessions: HK$3,000

Couples: Three Tiers available – depends on which therapist

a. HK$1,800 per session  or  Pre-paid package of 4 sessions: HK$6,800

a. HK$1,450  per session or Pre-paid package of 4 sessions: HK$5,400

b. HK$1,150 per session or Pre-paid package of 4 sessions: HK$4,200

Packages are valid for 12 weeks from the payment date

Low-Cost Counselling (LCC):

HK$450 per session – max 4 sessions to be used within 6 weeks – followed by:

HK$650 per session – max 6 sessions to be used within 12 weeks – then normal pricing

UK / EUROPE  The following prices are per 50 mins session for clients who are based in the UK or EU:

Individual: GBP 50 per session     Couples:  GBP 65 per session

LCC: GPP 30 per session – max 4 sessions to be used within 6 weeks – then normal pricing

DUBAI The following prices are per 50 mins session for clients who are based in the Dubai:

Individual: USD 155 per session or Pre-paid package of 4 sessions: USD 560

Couples:   USD 195 per session or Pre-paid package of 4 sessions: USD 720

Note: LCC availability is limited and offered subject to AMindset discretion – more info: Here

AMindset Pricing Explained

AMindset Pricing Explained


AMindset is based in Hong Kong and our prices align with the HK economy and relate to HK’s high business costs. Our global expansion means these fees are higher than average for some of our other areas, such as the UK and Europe, where our prices may be lower for clients based there.

Pricing Tier levels reflect the relative experience and expertise of our individual counsellors.

Clients who cannot afford the standard counselling charges may be eligible for our national and international AMindset Low-Cost Counselling (LCC) initiative.

Find out more about LCC Here