Esoteric psychotherapy uses the talking cure plus a combination of energy work with the chakras and etheric body (aura). The therapist uses the sacred geometrical shape of the triangle plus the soul energy of both therapist and client to access the root of the problem allowing the client to regain their balance and harmony.

Esoteric psychotherapy requires years of meditation practice and spiritual training, again check the credentials of the psychotherapist before arranging an appointment. Ideally a combination of scientific and spiritual qualifications will guarantee an ethical approach by the therapist.

When to use this service type?

If you are struggling with any of the below, consider seeking professional help:

Anxiety Disorders — this includes phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder
Mood Disorders — such as bipolar disorder and depression
Addictions — such as alcoholism, substance abuse, and even compulsive gambling
Eating Disorders — such as bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa & binge eating
Personality Disorders — they are many and varied and can range from odd behaviour to extreme fear
Stress — depending on the severity, personal and work stress can be helped with only a few sessions

What issues can it help with?

Psychotherapy can be used to address numerous problems and challenges.

Whether it is addiction or over-reliance on an activity or substance, it likely involves psychological addiction. Through counselling, the root cause of psychological addiction is explored to find a way to relieve it.
The loss of a loved one can bring up emotions like anger and sadness. Speaking to a counsellor can help ease those emotions and even resolve remaining issues that the person may harbour.
Depression is unlike an occasional bout of sadness. It affects a person’s day-to-day activities and is a debilitating psychological problem. Depression counselling in Hong Kong helps patients make sense of underlying feelings to improve their feelings and consequently improve their lives.
Suffering from a serious illness like cancer can turn any individual’s world upside down. Through counselling, clients can come to terms with their ailments while getting emotional support
Mental Health
Any mental health issues can cause a person to feel isolated and alone. Counselling can lead to the client gaining a better understanding of feelings that are a result of a mental health issues. Counselling helps provide support to overcome personal challenges that mental health problems can aggravate.
The psychological impact of trauma, whether due to an accident or being a victim of abuse, can last for years after the actual incident. In counselling, trauma victims get to explore their feelings about distressing events and find ways to resolve or change their state of mind.


Individual sessions are done but effective therapy may require more than one session. The sessions are usually grouped into four. The first & second sessions are one week apart and the third and fourth sessions are two weeks apart. A gap of 4 weeks is then recommended and, if required, more sessions are scheduled. Each session will last between 45-50 minutes. The initial part of the session is done sitting in chairs with the therapist and client facing each other. The latter part of the session is done with the client either lying down or sitting.

In-between sessions: The therapist will provide specific daily tasks and journaling, plus a regular meditation routine. The in-between sessions will not exceed more than 10-mins per day and are part of the routine needed in esoteric psychotherapy to bring about lasting change and good health.


1 session — HK $1,800
4 sessions — HK $6,000 ($1,500/session)