The development of our spirituality is not just about finding enlightenment and feeling better and more at peace with the world we live in. The search to be more spiritually aware is part of an eternal spiritual quest to find and feel the oneness of the  all-that-is. Only then will we no longer believe we are separated from other human beings or energy forms.

There are many ways to do this and one way is to develop a sense of belonging. This can be achieved by looking at our own spiritual heritage. We have all been a part of some sort of spiritual inheritance. If we can find what it is, we have a chance to again feel whole as we connect to the spiritual traditions that made us who we are today. As we appreciate our own history we feel more connected to family and friends, we feel more rooted into the world that we live in. We also develop the capacity to appreciate and respect the values of other traditions instead of judging them. The eternal spiritual quest is about being at peace and developing more inner compassion, balance and faith. Eternal spiritual Quest

Thich Nhat Hahn, the world renowned Zen master, says: “To work for peace is to uproot war from ourselves and from the heart of men and women.” It is not about reducing the weapons that countries or people possess.  It is about removing the root cause of the war and that root cause is inside of each person. Even if we get rid of all of the bombs and guns, without doing our own inner clearing, it would not be very long before we started making them again.

As the world becomes more chaotic we long for more safety and security and to find a place that is reliable and safe. We search for this paradise outside of ourselves until eventually we lose sight of our own true needs. What was intended to relieve our suffering actually causes more suffering as looking outside of ourselves will not lead to spirituality and peace. Instead, the eternal spiritual quest must take us on an inner journey. We have to look within and re-remember our forgotten faith. Eternal spiritual Quest

Through that inner connection we can develop our faith making it a part of our daily interactions. In turn we will feel more connected to the universal all-that-is and develop an attitude of compassion and love.  Through this purity of being we will have a deeper understanding of spirituality. Our actions will be done from the energy to do good thus making the world a much more peaceful place for ourselves and for our children.

In the busyness of this modern age we lose touch with peace and especially our inner peace. Thich Nhat Hahn in his book ‘Peace is Every Step‘ shows us how to make positive use of every-day situations. Whether it is driving the car or doing the dishes this book will show you ways to hold onto peace.