SOPs & FAQs for Clients

Everything you need to know as an AMindset CLIENT

SOPs/FAQs for AMindset Clients

1. We have 2 Counselling Rooms at CPO. Room I is the larger room at the end of the corridor to the right. Room F is the smaller room opposite the reception area. The Acuity booking system is set up for Room F or most bookings.

2. Payment must be made before the session – the first blue link button in your confirmation email takes you into the system where you can pay and agree to the T&Cs – and, also, register your details to save time on the next appointment.

3. Please be punctual. The room booking is for one hour and you must be clear of a tidy room by the end of that hour. If you are late for your appointment, the counsellor is still obliged to finish on time so the room is free for the next appointment.

4. All Face-to-Face sessions start on the hour and the room is booked for one hour – or possibly two.

5. If you cannot make a booked appointment, you must give notice greater than 24 hrs or the session fee is still payable. Use the first blue button on your confirmation email to reschedule. Rescheduling transfers the payment to your new appointment and is preferred as Cancelling does not automatically give a refund. Note that Rescheduling is not possible within 24 hours of a booking.


Q1. Do I get refunded when I cancel an appointment?

Not automatically – AMindset has to to manually initiate refunds. But, if you reschedule, the payment goes with the new booking. So, it is better to reschedule, even if you think you might have to reschedule again.

Q2. How do I pay if the counsellor makes my booking?

When you get your confirmation email, click on the first blue button and you will be taken into the system where you can pay via Stripe or PayPal. Alternately, you can pay directly into the AM bank account or use PayMe – details are on the booking page of the website.

 Q3. How far can I book ahead?

The booking ahead is limited to prevent any individual setting up for a year ahead when realistically most of the bookings would have to be cancelled. It is set at a default of 45 days max. The latest booking times may vary with your particular counsellor but are usually just a few hours before the appointment time.

Q4. Can I book a custom time because of work commitments?

Face-to-Face bookings must start on the hour and the room is available for one or two hours duration. This avoids waste and leaves more availability for everyone.

For Online sessions where the counsellor will not use the room (perhaps working from home) there are no restrictions on session start times or duration – discuss with your counsellor. If the Counsellor is using the AMindset room for the Online session then session timing is as for Face-to-Face bookings.

Q5. Are refunds given for client cancellations?

Unless there is an emergency – check with AMindset – clients must give 24 hrs notice or pay for the appointment.

Q6. Should I contact the AMindset office to cancel appointments?

No. Because of confidentiality, the AMindset ‘office’ phone is not to be used for any client/ counsellor related issues. Counsellors will arrange a direct contact method with you.

Q7. What are the ‘confidentiality’ rules when working with minors?

At AMindset, all counsellors must abide by the following rules when working with Minors (<18yrs)

1. Do not share what happens in the therapy session with anyone outside of the session and that includes the legal guardians. This allows for a strong therapeutic alliance to develop.

2. Once the therapy starts, all communication between the guardian and counsellor must be kept to a minimum and be limited to bookings and logistics.

3. A guardian can ask the minor to bring up certain topics at the therapy session, but it is up to minor to mention them or not. The counsellor will not ask the minor if the guardian has anything they want brought to the session.

Q8. Who completes the paperwork when working with minors?

The legal guardian must complete the intake paperwork

Q9. Are there exceptions to the ‘confidentiality’ rules when working with minors?

Yes, It is understood that some parents may want to discuss items with the minor’s counsellor. This will be done on an individual basis and the parent is asked to contact to find out about these exceptional circumstances.


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