FAQs for Supervision

Everything you need to know for AMindset SUPERVISION

FAQs for AMindset Supervision


Q1. How much supervision do I require during my placement?

a. For every 4 hours of AMindset (AM) contact hours or placement contact hours, each student must complete 1 hour of supervision to complete the EDF 5534 unit

b. Therefore, the EDF 5534 requires 25 hours of supervision to complete the unit. These sessions can be Online or F2F, Group or Individual

c. The final supervision session must be Individual (Online or F2F)

Q2. What does the Final Supervision session consist of?

a. At the final supervision session we will:

i. Sign off logbooks

ii. Sign the total hours sheet

iii. Complete surveys

Q3. What do I need to know about the Logbooks?

a. The logbooks are often quite problematic and, if the logbooks are not correct and more than an hour is needed for their completion, extra individual supervision may be required.

b. Liz will check the first 2 logbooks that you send to Monash

c. If you are still not sure how to complete the logbooks then please bring it up at individual supervision

Q4. What if I have not completed my placement hours or the logbooks by September?

Completion of the EDF 5534 unit is required for completion of the Master’s Degree

Q5. Are extensions available?

Liz has contacted Wincey at Kaplan to determine if extensions are available beyond Sep 22

While not yet confirmed, the indications are that extensions may be granted



 Q1. How often do I need Supervision?

The ACA recommend one supervision session for every 20 hours of counselling

Q2. Do you offer any Free of Charge Supervision?

a. As a part of the AMindset (AM) low-cost affordable counselling (LLC) program, for every 20 client contact hours you accumulate through the LCC program, you are entitled to one free group supervision session (F2F or online)

b. If you prefer Individual Supervision or have multiple Clients to discuss, you must book these sessions directly through the website as normal



Q1. When are your Supervision sessions available?

a. Mon & Tues: 3 Individual sessions which are not usually overbooked. An extra online session on Wed pm is available if necessary

b. One Saturday pm per month, there are two Group Sessions of 2 hrs each

i. You may attend only one of these each month – unless, in exceptional circumstances agreed with Liz, you can attend both

ii. These sessions are for clinical practice only which means only case-study discussion

iii. There is only time for a maximum of 2 clients – book an Individual Session if you have multiple Clients to discuss

Q2. What do you charge for Supervision?

a. Individual Supervision: 1 Hour @ HK$1,000

b. Group Supervision: 2 Hours @ HK$1,000

Q3. Do you monitor our Supervision and Logbook progress?

No! It is entirely your own responsibility to monitor your progress. As mentioned above, there is no graduation without the EDF 5534 unit completed. And, experience has shown that it is extremely difficult to make up time towards the end of your course. Plan ahead and keep your Supervision and Placement hours on track.


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