Anxiety Management

Anxiety Management Strategies


We have all felt the feelings of anxiety.  It is a normal human emotion and there are plenty of things in the world to make us anxious. However, when anxiety gets out of control it can adversely affect your life. There are some simple and easy strategies you can put in place to help manage your anxiety. Different people prefer different ways of doing things, so do the one that suits your temperament. If your anxiety is negatively affecting your life seek the support of a professional.
Detailed below are some simple strategies to help manage your anxiety:


Slow Breathing

The way you breathe is one of the first ways of noticing anxiety. When you’re anxious, your breathing becomes faster and shallower. A simple method of reducing anxiety is to deliberately slowing down your breathing. Count to three as you breathe in slowly – hold for three, count to three as you breathe out – hold for three and then repeat. Try and keep the breath rhythmic counting at the same pace throughout the deep breathing exercises. Audio guided meditation


Change your lifestyle

If you don’t do any exercise – try and introduce a little every day. Even a short walk will make you feel better. And whilst you make the changes with your exercise routine, try to eat a healthier diet. Little and often of healthy food is better than one big meal. Focus and choose to change. Try this longer counted breath meditation to help you. Audio guided meditation


Tension & Relaxation

A lot of us have pain in our shoulders and neck. This is usually the result of unconscious tension that creeps in when we feel stress at work, have to face difficult situations that cause anxiety. Sometimes tensing your muscles is a good reminder that you need to relax, let go of the stress and anxiety. In this simple exercise, find a quiet location. Close your eyes and slowly tense and then relax each of your muscle groups from your toes to your head. Hold the tension for a few moments and then release quickly.
Try this guided meditation for neck relaxation. Audio guided meditation


Face your fears

A lot of things make us feel anxiety and one of the best ways to reduce these ‘anxiety stressors’ is to face them. But do this slowly and gently. One baby step at a time and as you face your fears and anxiety, you will appreciate that what you feared the most, didn’t even happen and if it did you were able to cope. And with a good job done – De-stress with this guided meditation – Audio guided meditation



Often anxiety is exacerbated by worrying about the future and ‘What might happen’. Try to bring yourself back to the present moment. Meditation can help. Audio guided meditation


Be kind to Yourself

Don’t pull yourself down with negative self-talk. There are enough people ‘out there’ who can do that for you! So instead be kind to yourself, compliment yourself on a job well done. And if you aren’t successful at something, so what! You’ll just try harder next time. And always remember that only you can choose to let go of any pain & hurt. Audio guided meditation


Know the Anxiety-triggers

In order to do this you may have to keep a log to write down when you feel anxious If you do this over a period of a few weeks you will start to appreciate what are your anxiety-stressors. Then you can start to be proactive in managing your anxiety. Learning to forgive yourself is a good way to stop the anxiety triggers. Audio guided meditation

Negative Chatter Schedule

The content negative chatter of the mind can be incessant and if that its the case with you – just set aside a time each day when you will listen to the chatter. This worry chatter time is only allowed to last a maximum of 10 mins. Decide on the time of day you will do this, let the mind run riot, and then say: “Stop” and use your will power to focus on the positive things in your life. And if you find the chatter continues – try this guided meditation to help you. Audio guided meditation.

Find out about Anxiety Whether you do this through books, online forums or other people. Find out about anxiety. A little bit of knowledge can go a long way to alleviating the fears. AMindset have some articles that may help you.