Specific Phobia

What is a Phobia?

A phobia is an anxiety disorder that results in a constant or uncontrolled fear of an object or situation. If the person cannot avoid the subject of their phobia, they may become excessively anxious and distressed. In some cases it can lead to the person having a panic attack (link).

Phobias can be caused by a specific object, social interaction (link social anxiety), or a particular situation. Phobias about animals, particularly insects or reptiles, affect many people. However social phobia (link) also affects millions of people worldwide.

The treatment for phobias is as varied as the types of phobia. In some instances medication may be required, but in others situations, therapy is better. Women are more affected than men and the average age for phobias to start is in a person’s teens.

Treatment for phobias is available and it is better to seek the treatment early before the phobias become extreme and out of control. If you are not sure what to do, ask your doctor or go to a qualified counsellor for therapy.