Recovery & Support

Recovering from a period of suicidal ideation or a suicide attempt requires a lot of time, effort and support. There are several steps that a person should take once they’ve realized they need help. First and foremost, it is key to contact a mental health professional to be assessed and begin treatment that will ideally prevent relapsing into a suicidal state. In the case of a failed suicide attempt a medical opinion is also necessary to ensure that no serious physical damage has been done. These services may be best obtained by visiting a hospital emergency room due to the typically urgent nature of the situation.

One of the more difficult aspects of dealing with the aftermath of a suicide attempt or period of suicidal ideation is explaining what happened to friends and family, especially if the episode occurred without a clear cause. Mental health professionals like psychiatrists and social workers can assist with this task while helping to make sense of the situation. Once there is a better understanding of the factors that led to the event it will be much less stressful to answer any potential questions from people who are confused, concerned and are likely also experiencing a significant amount of stress due to the circumstances.

HK: The Samaritans  Hotline: 2896-0000
OZ: Beyond Blue
Lifeline: 13114   Suicide Call Back Service: 1300 659 467

While professional help can certainly be considered a form of support during recovery, it is perhaps most important to rely upon personal relationships as a source of strength if possible. Sometimes this means rebuilding connections that were weakened or lost as a result of the decline toward suicide. This can also be achieved in part by returning to enjoyable activities that may have been abandoned as one’s mental state deteriorated. The goal of this rebuilding is both to establish a safe support system and to initiate the return to a lifestyle that the person would recognize as being happy and normal.

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