Eating Habits

Choosing to eat well is not about having to diet or starve yourself.  Eating well usually starts with changing your eating habits and that is best done gradually.  To change any habit can take a while, so when it comes to changing your eating habits you are best to take a sensible approach. Maybe, choose one or two days a week to start the new eating healthy habit.

You don’t have to making eating healthy too complicated.  It is well known that fresh food is better for you than processed, just start with trying to cut out processed food.  Instead of using frozen carrots, buy fresh ones and use those instead. You can make that your goal for a period; to get rid of the frozen vegetables and instead only eat fresh vegetables.

And once you have got the vegetables sorted out and feel comfortable, you can then decide not to eat meat for 2 days a week.  Or you can choose something else to avoid for the 2 days (cakes, sweets, any fast foods). Indeed if you do eat fast food, try to do it as little as possible.  Fast food may smell delicious but it is not good for you – at any level: nourishment & calories.

And as you continue to make the little changes – try to cut down on; dairy products, fizzy drinks, savoury snacks, crisps, pies and pastries.  You will note the words ‘little changes’ – life changing eating habits is not about immediate and radical changes, but about creating new eating habits that will endure for longer than a fad diet.  

The best way to be a healthier, happier you is to make small change with the way you eat. Do it sensibly and gradually so that you create new habits that will last.  Then the day will come when you can walk past a fast food restaurant and not go inside. Even although the smell may stir your senses, that will probably never change, but your new eating habits will be entrenched and you will proudly walk away and buy a juice instead.

We create our own habits – may as well get on with it. Achieving life changing eating habits starts with you.