Life Changing Social Well-being

Social well-being means that as a person we feel that we belong to society and have social interaction and inclusion.  Basically a person that feels they have the connection of other people is a person that is supported and this increases their social well-being. Our quality of life, the way we live with other people, our beliefs and traditions and our character or values are all an important contributor to our social well being.

Within society there are many diverse cultures and groups and there are ample opportunities to interact with other people.  Although it is good to have our own cultural group it is also great to be involved in multicultural events. For people who have done a lot of travelling this can be a lot easier as someone well traveled learns to adapt with each country visited.  But even without travel there are still many opportunities to be involved in a diverse number of cultural events. Most cities have festivals throughout the year highlighting different cultures.

The more you involve yourself in activities, the higher will be your social well-being and as a result your quality of life and happiness.