How to reduce stress level by deep breathing

Good health is not just about having a fit and toned physical body.  Good health is also about having a sound and calm mental or emotional body.  But despite the improvements in diet and working conditions the mental health of the inhabitants of 1st world countries continues its statistical decline. We may not be as physically unwell as we used to be but mentally we are not in the best of health. The decline in the health of the populations in ‘rich countries’ is due to statistics showing that people suffering from stress and mental illness is on the rise. In the USA mental health issues are one of the most common health disorders. It does not matter if you are 5 years old or 50+ years old – mental health issues, including stress is taking its toll. In this article deep breathing & stress levels you will be given some very simple tips on how to reduce stress level by deep breathing and how to keep them down. Deep Breathing & Stress Levels

Deep Breathing & Stress Levels

There have been many discussions about how to reduce stress level by deep breathing but one of the easiest and most efficient ways of reducing your stress is using the breath and learning to breathe correctly.  So read on and take a deep breath, you are about to reduce your Stress Levels through a couple of very simple meditation breathing techniques. De

It is the way you breathe, doing the meditation techniques, that will bring about a significant improvement in your health.  The shallow ‘chest breathing’ that most people do will be replaced by a deeper form of breathing. Indeed shallow breathing is not the best way to breathe during meditation or at any time. From a purely physical perspective this shallow breathing does not bring an adequate supply of oxygen into the body.

The type of breathing that is a good method to learn is a called deep or belly breathing. This type of breathing brings the air all the way into the lungs and as a result you achieve better health benefits with every breath. You go beyond just breathing to the chest, which is shallow breathing, but you take the breath down to the abdomen.

As mentioned before, the deeper breathing during meditation is great at bringing more oxygen into your physical body thus helping you become more vitalised and refreshed. Your lungs get a good work-out and the fresh oxygen moves throughout your physical body, helping your blood and all your organs. It is no wonder that a simple deep breath can be referred to as the wonderful breath of life.

How to reduce stress level by deep breathing. When you meditate you are encouraged to do this deeper breathing. This will help you gain even better results from your meditation practise. Meditation is not just about stilling or slowing the mind and having one pointed focus. Meditation is also about bringing better health and vitality back into your physical body. Although it is good to still the mind and make an attempt to stop the constant chatter, it is also essential to fill the body with life giving vitality through this deep breathing. How to reduce stress level by deep breathing.  Deep Breathing & Stress Levels

In more advanced spiritual teachings it is believed that through this deeper breathing you are feeding the body with pranic energy or prana. Prana is the life force that is in the air all around. It is the giver of life and is the the 3rd principle of the 7 principles that make up the composition of every human being.

When you breathe correctly you help your body, mind and soul.

There are many benefits of meditation but one of the main benefits is the reduction of stress. As you learn how to take a deep breath and reduce your stress levels you are shifting your mental and emotional energy bodies and reducing your overall anxiety and worry.

Detailed below are some breathing techniques to help you use the deep breath techniques.

If you practise doing them in meditation there is a good chance that eventually you will be able to use them when you are not meditating and just getting on with daily life. This will be a great help when your stress levels are sky-rocketing because of some problem at work or at home.

Choose the method below that best suits you and use it daily.
If you do this you will not fail to notice the physical or emotional improvements in your life

Technique 1: How Deep Breathing Reduce Stress Level

The focus of this breathing technique is to take full deep breaths.
It’s not hard to do but you may require a little practise before it flows easily.

The trick is to breathe all the way down to the abdomen, getting as much fresh air as possible into your lungs.
This type of breathing will immediately make you feel less tense.


Sit comfortably with your back straight.
Put your right hand on your chest and your left hand on your stomach.
Exhale fully through the mouth.
Breathe in through your nose.
Be aware of your left hand as you feel your stomach expand.
Your chest may move a little but not too much.
Exhale through your mouth.
Really push the air out.
You may contract your abdominal muscles which will help dispel more air.

When you are ready repeat for 2 breaths.
Gradually built on the number of ‘breath-sets’ that you do.
But only do the breathing sets to the limit of your comfort zone.
Do not force the issue, start with one set and then build it up gradually.

You can also do this lying down if you prefer.

Technique 2: Counted Breath for Stress Relief

The counting of the breath is a very simple meditation
You can do this meditation sitting or lying down.
But it is very important that you breathe deeply and count the breath all the way down to the abdomen.
It is all about learning to take a deep breath so the deeper breathing is your normal way of breathing.


Be aware of your normal gentle breathing.
Exhale fully.
Then as your breathe in silently and slowly count: 1-2-3
Then hold the breath again slowly counting: 1-2-3
Then breathe out and slowly count: 1-2-3

Repeat the process 3 times.

Then relax your breathing.
Become aware again of your normal gentle breathing.

When you are ready
Exhale fully
And repeat

Do this for as long as you can.
Even just doing one round of the counted breath will make a difference.

Use the method that best suits you and you may find that you change your mind a few time. That doesn’t matter as long as you try and make one of these breathing techniques a part of your daily practice.

Thanks for reading.