How to Stop Time from Disappearing

How to stop time from disappearing is a very common most people wonder about. It is not just older people that say time is going past too fast and wonder how to stop it.  Everyone seems to think that “There is not enough time’ and most people feel the pressure at work, home or at play. Time seems to be disappearing! As time is an ever present factor in each of our lives the fact we believe it is disappearing, without our noticing it, can be quite alarming. How to Stop

How can we change this way of living so that we can be in harmony with this elusive element called time. Is there a way we can live that will help us develop a more positive attitude to time thus alleviating ourselves of stress and anxiety.  The anxiety can be as mundane as not completing a menial task or the thought that we are going to die and there is not enough time to do everything that we want to do.

Why Do We Worry about How To Stop Time From Disappearing?

The first thing is to understand that yes – you – are eventually going to die. No-one can escape the death phenomena, so accept you are going to die and appreciate that life is temporary. Don’t ponder on this in fear just accept it as a fact. And if you want to achieve your full potential prior to making that journey to heaven or hell – get off your back-side and get on with doing the things you want to do. Use time disappearing and knowing you are going to die in a positive, motivational way.

When you are lazing around knowing you are meant to be doing something else – maybe remind yourself that the Grim Reaper may be just around the corner. If you want to get that book written or a job done – do it now.  Use this attitude about dying to help you use time wisely.  Use it to motivate you to use your time to achieve what you want to achieve.

However be careful you don’t create too much pressure – always be realistic with the goals you set and the time you can spend on them.  Use your internal clock to ascertain how you want to spend your time.  Use your inner feelings to determine what is good for you and a productive way for you to use your time.  Don’t look at the clock on the wall – that is just an external distraction.  Look inside and use your time with ease.

How to stop time from disappearing? You may not make time go any slower but at least you will be aware of what you are doing with your time.  And in that awareness you will be living consciously and in control of the clock. Time will cease to disappear it will just go by.

Tick tock.