What is happening to the world at this time is not just because of human causation. We are being affected by happenings beyond our present understanding and that is why we sometimes feel like a ping pong ball, being tossed here there and everywhere, feeling out of control and scared. Humanity is going through a crisis at a physical and emotional level. As individuals, during this present period, any unresolved karmic issues will present stronger and more painful than ever before.  What was a slight headache in the past will now be a migraine. Before, what was a little emotional happening will now cause psychological devastation. Hearts will be broken and so will minds.


Mental Health

This may explain the high rate of suicides and the deteriorating mental health that humanity is experiencing.  This will continue as long as we bury our head in the sand and ignore the bigger picture and the force or Rays that are coming from the universe during this transitional period in earth’s history.


The Rays and the Triangles

When you understand how these Rays affect the 3 energy centres in your head, which form the upper triangle, and the 3 energy centres below the heart, which form the lower triangle, you will be able to work effectively to minimise their effect. You will not stop the crisis that is happening, but you will be better equipped to manage it.

More information on this subject can be found in the Alice Baily book: Esoteric Astrology.

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