Why does it matter if energy follows thought and what has the old expression ‘The Ides of March’ have to do with it? To understand their correlation, you first have to understand how the expression ‘The Ides of March’ originated.

Ides of March

The Ides of March was first mentioned in 1599 during Shakespeare’s dramatisation of the play, Julius Caesar. In Act III, Scene 1 the soothsayer said to Julius Caesar, the ruler of Rome: ‘Beware the Ides of March’.

She was warning Caesar about something, but he did not heed her message. In the play, on 15 March, 44 BC a group of prominent Romans killed Julius Caesar because they did not agree with his way of ‘dictatorial rule’. They wanted a Roman Republic restored.

The assassination took place in March and since then the expression ‘The Ides of March’ has been associated with negativity.

One of the leaders of the assassins was Brutus and, in Dante’s Inferno,Brutus is depicted in hell being punished for his crimes by Satan himself. Indeed, the other leader was Cassius and within a couple of years both Brutus and Cassius were dead. This seemed to amplify the ‘doom and gloom’ scenario associated with the expression: The Ides of March.

In the present day, this expression is still used, although not as much as perhaps 20 years ago. It is a superstitious expression and is meant to warn people of something bad happening. It’s interesting that an expression, coined in a play more than 500 years ago, still influences people today. While the assassination was a factual event in history, the Ides of March expression is not directly related to the actual event. It originates from an expression written in a play.

Of course, Shakespeare was a very famous playwright and it is not surprising that his words stood the test of time.  However, it requires many people talking and thinking about the words to make them truly endure.

And this is where the second part of our topic enters from stage right.

Energy Follows Thought

The more a person reflects on a thought or word, the more solid it becomes in the energy that surrounds that person. Energy Awareness is an important part of everyone’s knowledge base. The energy around you and the energy you attract to yourself, because of your thought forms, has a significant impact on your life and those around you.

So, whether it concerns the words of a play and the associated thought forms or just your day to day thoughts, be aware of what you THINK as much as what you say.  You want to create a world around you that is in harmony with what you want and in order to do that, be careful what you think.

Especially if you want your energy body to be full of positive thought forms as opposed to negative ones.

Your prosperity, success and happiness may depend on it.

Energy Awareness

Being energy aware is important. Would you walk into a place if you knew the energy was toxic?  Not if you had any sense.  Learning about your own energy body and the energy that surrounds you may ensure that the Ides of March has no negative influence in your life.

And appreciating that energy does follow thought may be the catalyst that makes you clean out the old habit of negative thinking and replace it with alternative, shining and bright positive thoughts.