Master of Counselling Student, Monash University, HK. 

Languages: English

Jaideep is a university professor in Hong Kong and has taught and interacted with audiences across the world (US, UK, Russia, India, China), ranging from undergraduates to senior executives. Jaideep became interested in Counselling following the series of graduate courses in Psychology that he took during his PhD studies in Management at UCLA. His formal approach to counselling draws both on this background in psychology, and his 20+ years of experience as an educator. He believes that a few fundamentals underlie all counselling techniques: compassion, empathy, and non-judgmental listening. Mental health issues become worse when they are ignored, and when the individual does not have a safe space to speak about those issues. Jaideep approaches every session, and every client, with a commitment to providing that safe space, and with the goal of maximizing each person’s sense of self-worth. He looks forward to helping you embark on your own healing journey.


MBA (Indian Institute of Management), PhD in Management (UCLA), ongoing Master of Counselling, Monash University.

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