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Manageable Compassion

Compassion is a hard thing to manage.  As kind and caring people you like to be of service and help people.  However, I am sure a lot of you have been disappointed that the help has been a waste of time. The person you have given the help to, has not benefitted from it. And usually because they probably didn’t really want your help.  

Or even more painful, they have not only rejected your help but have rejected you as well.  What started as a kind gesture eventuates into a waring feud.  This is not meant to be a blame game and whatever happens, you have to continue to show compassion and also forgiveness.

However the next time you want to rush in and help someone that you may have helped a few times before ….   PAUSE … and have a think about what is written in the short article below.

This article is taken from a recording by the Lucis Trust ‘Triangles Group’. You can find out more about the Lucis Trust and their Goodwill activities by clicking on the links in the box above.

Compassion & Feeling

Compassion is one of the three higher states of the feeling nature, as taught by Patanjali in the book written by Alice Bailey: Light of the Soul

Compassion is the third aspect of the three and works out upon the physical plane. Alice Bailey

said that the means to work effectively with this quality of compassion was by calling upon the love, or second aspect of the soul, the love petals of the egoic lotus, and through that means to become open to the hearts of others and indeed become one with them. 

This is wise action. 

It is not working with others on the plane of feeling for on that level that they will be unlikely to hear. Then over time, with faith in the response, change can be realized through soul stimulation. 

Tough Love

Of course this is not meant to concern turning a blind eye or a deaf ear to the feelings of others but sometimes approaching certain situations with the attitude of “tough love” is not a bad idea. 

And Alice Bailey said she learned that sometimes we have to leave certain people to God.


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