In 1939 a Russian electrical engineer named Semyon Kirlian discovered electrophotography or bio-electrical photography, a photographic technique of capturing and showing the electrical discharges around an object. This has become known as Kirlian Photography and it has been used to photograph a human being. Kirlian Photography shows the light, in various colours, which surrounds a human being’s body. This light is also referred to as the human aura or the human etheric body. The use of electrophotography has been used since the 1930s for scientific research in parapsychology and paranormal health. This started the understanding of how mind directly influences matter.

Mind Directly Influences Matter

In this present day another Russian, Dr Konstantin Korotkov a Professor of Physics at St Petersburg University is using Kirlian photography to research the link between the unseen world of thought and the visible world of matter. His research is based on the fact that a human is constantly emitting energy and if the person can change the energy that surrounds their body they can change the world. Dr Korotkov claims that thinking in a certain way can have a positive or negative effect on the surrounding environment.

“We are developing the idea that our consciousness is part of the material world and that with our consciousness we can directly influence our world.”

If this is shown to be true then not only will teaching and expanding the mind be important but controlling the mind and what it thinks will be just as critical. Mainstream science accepting this link between thought and what manifests as matter, as a result of that thought, is quite a breakthrough for metaphysics.

But you do have to wonder about the present thoughts that humanity are thinking, as you witness a world at war that is experiencing so much pain, suffering and loss.


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