The Nature Spirits are extensions of a Plane of Existence called the Angelic realm. The ancient writings of Theosophy suggest that although they live on a higher plane than the Physical Plane of Existence, these Nature Spirits (or Elementals) are at a low level of spiritual evolution. They have no will of their own and come under direction from a higher level. Nature Spirits-How did they come about

However, as the human consciousness is limited by the form of the human body and the physical world we live in, the Devas who may be at a lower level of spiritual evolution than their human counterparts, they are always conscious of their cosmic environment; they do not have the veils that humanity has placed over itself, through our identification, in Lemurian times, of material possessions.

Nature Spirits – How Did They Come About?

So, the Nature Spirits may work within the Physical Plane of Existence, they are always ‘aware’ of the Cosmos and the Cosmic Beings, something we humans have lost sight of. The Devas want to be a part of this cosmic consciousness and their evolution is directed to expansion and they want to become ever more conscious of everything that they are aware of – which is infinite.

In contract humans tend to want to ‘do’ things and as the Devic beings concentrate on creating, physical beings focus on developing. Of course, the Devas have instinctive knowledge, they are aware of the Cosmos and do not need to acquire the knowledge of the Cosmos, which is left to the floundering human. The Devas already have instinctive knowledge of the cosmic patterns and harmony and their interchange of thought is carried out by colour, light symbol and not words.

At the beginning of the ‘Earth Chain’s Manvantara’, the Devas were so far behind in evolution that they could not form physical bodies. They still do not have form, as we understand it in the Physical Plane of Existence. If they were visible, which they clearly are on the Astral Plane, they would look like ethereal vortices of cosmic consciousness. However, humans will generally make them into the shape they expect them to be, from movies and magazines – with big wings and human faces. So we tend to see them in a more or less human form, but in essence they are only vortices of energy and they certainly do not have wings.

Slowly over billions of years, Devas learnt from their various experiences. The Nature Spirits (Positive Negative Energy) did the lowly work on the Physical Plane of Existence but they also remembered and learnt from this experience. Eventually, as their knowledge grew they evolved into higher intelligences with different responsibilities, to eventually become the Archangels and Angels that we so revere.

The highest Level of Angels are called “The Gandharvas” – the Gods of Music.


Nature Spirits – Positive Negative Energy

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Date: September 20, 2018

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