Aaaah …… the great New Year Resolution – a tradition that makes us feel resolved one minute and guilty the next! Many people start to think about their New Year Resolution well before the end of December. Yet despite that forward planning, very few people believe they will carry them through.

So you do wonder, why we bother making the new year resolution in the first place.

According to a psychology magazine, it seems that over 70% of the population in western countries, make at least one New Year resolution; that is an awful lot of people.

I guess you could say that the capacity for the human to make a New Year resolution is a wonderful testament to our optimism. The fact, we have the hope that we can succeed in doing what we want to do, shows great optimism. But in the case of the majority of new year resolutions that are made, we are also pretty delusional.

However, every new year we like to make those resolutions and that is a good thing. But how do we succeed and achieve the results we initially desired when making the New Year Resolution?

What can we do to ensure that by the 2nd January we are not fed up and disappointed because we did not stick to your guns and instead we:

  • Had a cigarette
  • Had a drink
  • Ate a packet of chips
  • Did no exercise
  • Went to the sales instead of saving money
  • Got involved in an argument instead of minding our own business

Actually, most resolutions are about weight, fitness, health or money. They are meant to make positive changes in our lives but whether we have resolved to change our personal or business life, the first thing to appreciate is that your New Year resolution has to be realistic and do-able.

So I have set out some quick tips on how to succeed at achieving success with this years New Year Resolutions Ideas:

  • Make the goal achievable at a personal level and stay positive
  • If you have more than one resolution allocate sensible time-lines for success
  • Set out an action-plan on how to achieve the resolution that will fit into your daily schedule.
  • Don’t try and do everything on your own, work with others who may also have resolved to do the same thing. Join a group so you can all help each other.

Good luck….

Succeed with your New Year Resolution.