Master of Counselling Student, Monash University, HK.

Fee: HK$350 per 50mins. 

Languages: English, Cantonese

Nicolson has a very rich fundamental background, based on his teaching role as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Counselling and Psychology of Hong Kong Shue Yan University, and his solid research experience gained from running the Positive Psychology Laboratory. After more than 10 years of teaching, he has become well-equipped and experienced in mentoring and counselling – particularly with the young.

Nicolson is also a Registered Horticultural Therapist (RHT). He gained good practical experience through engaging in different horticultural therapy programs. The role of RHT exposed Nicolson to different types of clients, from children, adolescents, parents, working adults, and the elderly.

Being a Master of Counselling student at Monash University, where Nicolson learns professional clinical techniques, he has gradually established himself as an empathetic and non-judgmental counsellor.

Combining knowledge, practical experience and clinical techniques, Nicolson is able to offer clients a safe, respectful and supportive environment, explore their issues together and address them appropriately.

​Nicolson is available for Low-Cost Counselling (LCC) sessions in English.

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