Please do not feel you are the only person who has difficulty dealing or talking about your problems. There are many people who find it very difficult to cope with life and as a result depression and anxiety and other mental disorders become part of their psychological profile. Whether it is purely a mental issue or perhaps you have been unwell and have health problems, all of these things can become debilitating and affect you enjoyment of life. This is where psychotherapy can assist you to overcome these issues and to once more live an enjoyable happier life. Psychotherapy the talking cure can help people of all ages and the procedures used have been validated by years of psychological research and proven effectiveness. Some procedures disclose hidden memories in the unconsious which adversely affect your present day life. Others deal with cognitive behaviour and similar interpersonal approaches. Whatever is the best method for you, your therapist will find out and before long you can be on a road to recovery.

Psychotherapy is a collaborative treatment between therapist and patient and working together they build a trusting relationship that helps the psychological process. It is based on dialogue hence the Nickname ‘The Talking Cure’. By building a supportive environment the patient is able to talk freely and openly. Using the objective non-judgemental therapist as the listener it becomes easier for patient and therapist to identify and change the behaviour patterns that are preventing the patient from living a productive and happy life.

In the process the patient will have developed and learnt new skills that will take them forward to a positive and hope filled future. The treatment usually requires multiple appointments and the exact duration will depend on the trauma that the person has gone through. Psychotherapy is worth considering if your life is not going the way you want it to progress. Or if you are feeling depressed or unhappy and really don’t know what to do about it.

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