There is no doubt that we all need to be related to something but men and women have different reasons for forming relationships, and they need relationships in various capacities. When we share a common interest, we tend to gravitate towards that person, whether having children the same age, a common sporting or professional interest or just physical or emotional attraction.

Women tend to be more emotionally connected, but not always, and they form friendships that may be used to replace the advice they once received from parents or company based on receiving help with their children’s development, and even just having someone to help them be a better person. Men are usually better at compartmentalising their experiences and do not get too emotionally entangled with the rights or wrongs of an activity. They also tend to move on faster when a relationship is over. A best-selling book: Men are from Mars and Woman are from Venus, explains this very well.

However, this stereotyping does not mean we have to be controlled by our gender. We can also use our minds to discern what we want from a relationship. Relationships can be used as a mirror. What we see in another person and what we want from them is usually a reflection of ourselves. So if you see a trait that you don’t like in a friend, maybe look at yourself and see if you have that same trait. Equally, if you would like to change a friend’s behaviour again, look at yourself and make sure you display that best behaviour. This way, you build your relationship and become a better person yourself.

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