"Take Back Control-Success Through Emotional Discipline"

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Every person is essentially dual. Psychology has shown that in the consciousness of every human being there is good and bad. It is the warfare between these two aspects which has led to all the neuroses and complexes which afflict the average human being. When you are able to take back control of your emotions, you will can achieve success as you use emotional discipline in everything you do. 

Take Back Control – Success Through Emotional Discipline is a workshop to help you gain the weapons you need to win that war. By controlling your mind and purifying your emotions you will become stronger. This will enable you to live a calmer but more productive life.

How to be in the World but Not of It?

There is something very difficult about attempting to withdraw the consciousness from the outside world whilst attempting to still live within it. Especially when the daily episodes of life keep us preoccupied and busy with our highest and lowest attributes, clearly demonstrating the progress we are (or not) making. Our goal is to take back control and overcome the emotional chaos that has dominated our existence until now. We have to learn to think, maintain a detached attitude as we learn to operate from within ourselves, while still operating in the outside world. “The technique of the art of being in the world but not of it”

• How do we stop ourselves from being enslaved by the ever changing happenings of our little lives?
• What can we do to stop the trials and tribulations of close family members or the world news plunging us into emotional chaos?
• And, do we really need to bother?
• NO – if you are happy and content with life
• YES – if life could be a bit better

When you can take back control you will achieve success through this emotional discipline. As you overcome your emotional chaos you will be able to rise above all of life’s challenges.

Objectives of the Workshop

By the end of the workshop participants will:

1. Understand about the three lower bodies of Mental, Emotional and Physical that govern how a human being lives.
2. Know about the relationship of the yourself as a thinking human being to these three lower bodies.
3. Understand how to gain wisdom from all experiences; pleasant or unpleasant.
4. Know the relationship of thoughts and how they affect you in every day life.
5. Understand how to deal with chaotic emotional reactions that cause so much harm.
6. Know what causes fearful thoughts and reactions.
7. Understand what to do in stressful situations by using mindfulness and meditation.
8. Know how to transform outer life challenges into inner life strengths.
9. Understand how to live skillfully and with purpose.
10. Know the secrets of living a peaceful and meaningful life.

The 1st hour of this workshop will involve a centering of the group energy through the Technique of Mindfulness along with Q & A’s related to emotional issues that are presenting for those who wish to share.

Event:    Take Back Control – Success Through Emotional Discipline
When:    Saturday 23 February 2019  9.30am – 5.00pm
Where:   North Perth Psychology Centre, 2/8 Howlett St, North Perth
Cost:      Please refer below for the government subsidy & discounts available

Call: NPPC 08 9443 7111 (Mon – Wed only)

Or: Email:

Emotional Chaos


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Take Back Control: Success Through Emotional Discipline or Unveiling DP – The Rays & Triangles

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