Senseless Acts of Violence

Senseless Acts of Violence

Senseless Acts of Violence

Have you ever looked at the events in the world and thought – Why is this happening?  The senseless acts of violence that seem to be a daily event.  The wars that are raging throughout the planet where it is mainly civilians that bear the brunt of the pain and agony.  Eckhart Tolle gives a very succinct description about these senseless and painful events which are a part of our environment.

Indeed he says that the individual mind is not capable of making sense of such tragedy. The mind cannot seem to be able to cope with so much sadness. And he believes that until we appreciate that nothing happens in isolation, until we understand that everything is connected – we will not be able to comprehend the world we live in and the pain that seems to be a part of every day experience.

This short video may not have all the answers to your questions about the senseless acts of violence that pervade the media.  But it goes a long way to helping us understand at least a small part of it.

An inspiriting and informative talk by Eckhart Tolle.

Why do senseless events happen?

Curated by Liz McCaughey


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