The Four Components of the Personality

The Four Components of the Personality

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The science of meditation involves the fact that a human being is essentially a spiritual entity occupying a personality form. The personality itself is composed of four vehicles, or bodies: the mental, emotional, etheric and dense physical. Meditation is concerned with the right use and control of these personality vehicles, their integration into a unified, coordinated whole and finally, the fusion of the integrated personality with the soul.

Each of the personality vehicles is the agent of a particular type of energy and experience, providing both a mechanism of perception and a means of expression. The mind, or mental body, distinguishes the true from the false, evaluates facts and weighs the opinions and ideas of others. The mind plans and decides; it is essentially a creative mechanism. The emotional body is that component of the personality which perceives and expresses feelings-love, hate, desire, longing, anger, or the scores of other emotions. The etheric body is the energy body, which interpenetrates dense physical matter and conditions it by the type and quality of energy flowing through the etheric channels. The etheric is the medium of contact and response with the ocean of energies in which we live. The dense physical vehicle functions largely as an automaton, responding to the thoughts and feelings which flow, as energies, through the etheric body, motivating physical activities.

Work in meditation is required to harmonise the thinking and feeling faculties, to coordinate and integrate the mental and emotional bodies into a coherent whole, evoking the flow of energy from the soul. With the mind, the emotional and physical bodies under the guidance of spiritual purpose, inner conflicts are resolved and the integrated personality becomes a pure vehicle of soul expression, a means of releasing greater light and love into the world of human affairs.


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