Forgiveness is a Painful Process

Forgiveness is a Painful Process

Forgiveness is a painful process as we discover just how locked away is the pain of our heart. We try to work with this facet of ourselves but sometimes the pain becomes so much we just can’t cope and so we walk away. Then we spend the next few days, weeks, months trying to forgive ourselves for not being able to work with forgiveness!

This is the conundrum of working with emotions, especially one as potent as this.

However, forgiveness is not just needed on a personal level, it is something that would help this planet if it became a global characteristic. Perhaps, it should be looked at by all of humanity as a divine attribute that is definitely lacking within humans.

Forgiveness is an emotion that makes you have to acknowledge the hurt, pain & cruelty that you may have inflicted on others and, of course, yourself. In order to work with forgiveness, you have to work with the worst parts of yourself; those wounds that have been hidden away as you have attempted to hide and ignore those dark places in your psyche.

If we do something that causes another person pain, no matter what the level, we often make justifications and excuses as to why it happened. This self-talk can last for years and in extreme cases, for example within a family, the feud can continue through generations and life-times.

That is so much wasted energy as there is no winner in the above scenario – only bitterness and pain.

“….without forgiveness there is no future.” Archbishop Desmond Tutu

No one likes confrontation or causing pain – humanity as part of the energy of The Maitreya (The Planetary Christ) are inherently good, kind people. Holding onto grudges and hate goes against the divine nature of our soul and as a result it can only cause us pain and suffering. We are not the body, we are the soul – so if we choose an action that causes pain for the soul, we are in fact abusing ourselves.

To be unforgiving and to hold onto that type of emotion not only creates a painful wound but allows it to fester and over lifetimes it becomes a black mass, a rancid fetid appendage to our aura that impedes our progress to the divine. And, with such an appendage, how can we possibly advance? Of course, we and most of humanity make mistakes. But it is what we do about them that is the real issue, and how we react to these perceived wrongs.

“To err is human, to forgive divine.” Alexander Pope

The need to keep working with forgiveness is of paramount importance for the individual and for all of humanity. Maybe, each individual human will fall back in to the habit of recrimination, victim and judgement. But, if all of humanity keep trying to understand the process of forgiveness, then the individual and eventually whole groups of souls will truly walk in the light, be one with the light and help be a channel for the Masters on the Path of the Creator’s Light.

“A recognition of our own shortcomings, a spirit of tolerance and forgiveness are needed by all today.” 

The Externalization of the Hierarchy by Alice A. Bailey

And, you will know when you have truly forgiven an incident – as that is when you can’t even remember what it was about in the first place.

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Anne Frank: How To Live Life to the Fullest

Anne Frank: How To Live Life to the Fullest

Anne Frank-Live Your Life

Anne Frank-Live Your Life. This article will focus on a particular event, the diary entry of one little girl on the first of August 1944. This was the last diary entry of the fourteen-year-old Anne Frank. It details in a few words the trauma that she went through as she and her family had to hide in an attic to escape German persecution during the second world war. However it also clearly reflects the good and bad that Anne felt herself to be and her struggle to try and be the person she wanted to be and to live the life she wanted to live. Three days later, Anne and her family were arrested and sent to a Nazi concentration camp, where Anne would later die on March 15, 1945, aged fifteen.

I get cross, then sad, and finally end up turning my heart inside out, the bad part on the outside and the good part on the inside, and keep trying to find a way to become what I’d like to be and what I could be if . . . if only there were no other people in the world.            – Anne Frank

This statement perfectly captures the internal struggle that occurs when external pressures cause a change in your identity. Because, when the actions of others dictate what you do and how you act it, can cause a profound effect on your emotions. Anne was living in a world where there was so much hate directed at her and all the people she loved. How could she look at herself as being ‘good’ with all the other people in the world telling her that she is not.

Obviously Anne lived in a terrible time, and a young Jewish living in Europe during the holocaust is very different than any of our own circumstances, yet as with everything in life, there are lessons to be learnt.

  • How would you be if there was no one else in the world?
  • What makes your identity?

Whilst our environment influences us all, you must strive to discover who you are irrespective of those exogenous factors. There is a time and a place to fit into a social hierarchy and follow social norms, but mindlessly conforming to the world around you will ultimately mean you are unfulfilled with the person you become.

Another interesting aspect of this quote is the thought of ‘turning your heart inside out’. Anne discusses the anger she feels towards the world causing her to hide her good qualities and display her ‘bad part’, this is something which we all face daily. For example when someone is rude to you in the checkout, and as a result you are short with your ‘innocent’ kids on the way home, that demonstrates the influence of others has a huge effect on how you think and feel. Anne was facing enormous hardship and she can feel herself becoming this negative hateful person.

In your life, you must not let others control your emotions. To the best of your ability, live the life that you want to live. Hopefully, unlike Anne Frank your life is not threatened nor are you confined. Although no one can be positive all the time and sometimes you will feel sad & miserable do realise that you are the only person who is in control of your emotions. You can remain sad or you can pick yourself up and move on.

Try and be conscious of who you are, live the way you would live were there no other people in the world influencing your behavior. And especially be thankful for what you have. Whenever this feels hard to do, allow yourself to briefly think of young Anne, and how her life was cut short before she could find her place in the world.

You have your whole life ahead of you and you have the ability and the power to discover the real you.

Start searching and be joyful with what you discover.