Losing Weight – False Profits

Losing Weight – False Profits

It is undeniable that losing weight is hard work. We live in a society where obesity and diet related illnesses are increasing in the joint correlation with the availability of convenience foods and outlets. Losing weight is not easy for busy people who are working longer hours than ever before, the idea of going home to cook and prepare healthy meals for ourselves and our families can be a daunting prospect – especially when there’s a takeaway on the way home, or a microwavable meal in the freezer. And those quick fix meals are not the way to eat especially is you are really interested in losing weight.

Beware of Losing Weight False Profits!

Of course we all know (mostly from experience) that this isn’t the answer. That some sort of change to our lifestyle is going to be the key to losing the weight and keeping it off for good. In desperation, perhaps as a last ditch attempt – It’s common for people to go looking for a magic bullet that will be the be all and end all to their yoyo dieting nightmares. From Raspberry Ketones to the African Mango diet, many false gods have shown up to the party with promises of being the ultimate weight loss tool with incredible guarantees to get you in shape with minimal effort. The temptation of these promises is cleverly designed – who wouldn’t want to take the easy route if it was available? The unfortunate truth is that these get fit quick scams are not only ineffective but also harbour the potential to cause serious health problems, even the seemingly innocuous ones.

One of the latest fads on the health and weight loss scene is the incorporation of health drinks and meal replacement shakes. Many shake-cults are popping up on the scene attracting new potential customers with their ‘Fat blasting’ thermogenic products and by playing on the cost effectiveness and convenience of a ‘properly combined, complete, nutritional shake’ instead of having a well balanced meal.

Despite what they say, most shakes on the market do not provide all the nutrients your body requires and are laden with sugar or sugar alternatives like aspartame that are detrimental to your health and vitality. When starvation occurs on a micronutrient level, we naturally experience cravings – often for carbs (vegetables) and sugars (fruit). In the modern day, with access to many non-foods, it is rare that we reach for a wholefood like vegetables or fruit which is what the body is crying out for and instead go for the processed foods high in refined flour and sugars – causing weight gain.

If you are on your own weight loss journey – go back to basics and think natural by eating whole unprocessed foods; the way they are found in nature and forgo the quick fix methods. Your mind and body will thank you for it!