Meditation Combats Sleep Deprivation

Meditation Combats Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is something that stops any person from performing at their best. As you get older it can become more difficult to sleep and coupled with an ageing body this results in your days not being as productive or as enjoyable as you may want them to be.  However it seems help is on the way to help you sleep. A study involving a group of 55+ people who attended a 6-week mindfulness meditation program showed remarkable improvements in their sleep quality. It was shown that meditation combats sleep deprivation resulting in a better night’s sleep for older people. The study was lead by Dr David Black an assistant professor of preventive medicine at the University of Southern California.

Dr Black said that mindfulness meditation probably helped settle the brain’s arousal systems. As meditation has no known side-effects, unlike prescription sleeping-drugs, mindfulness meditation is a good alternative. The study lasted 12 months and involved 2 groups. 

One group changed their routine prior to sleep. They established a more regular routine for going to bed and avoided caffeine and alcohol prior to sleep. The other group attended a 6-week mindfulness meditation course led by a qualified instructor. At the end of the study the people who did the meditation approach showed a better quality of sleep than the non-meditation group.

The study showed that Meditation was very beneficial in combating sleep deprivation in older people.

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