Using Skype

Using Skype

Skype on-line therapy sessions

Method for connection to Skype

1. Go to Web Site:

2. Click ‘Download now’ and select ‘Skype for Mac OS X’ or ‘Skype for Windows’

3. Click ‘Download Skype for MAC OS X’ or ‘Download Skype for Windows’

4. See instructions for installing on the download Web page.

5. Open Program and select ‘I would like to register a new Skype name’

6. Insert a name and password e.g. “JoeBlog’ and click continue. You may have to re-enter if the name is already in use.

7. From the menu, select ‘Skype’ then ‘preferences’. Under ‘Audio’ select your sound input and output devices. Eg ‘Internal Mic…’ might be appropriate for a laptop – most of which have their own microphone. But when using a plug in microphone select ‘audio line in’. Likewise, choose for the speakers. Set other preferences as you prefer. Depending on the computer you might need to set the computer Sound Preferences to reflect the Skype settings – unlikely though. Wearing headphones or earphones is recommended when using Skype.

8. You can use ‘search’ to find other users. When you have a contact indicating ‘online’ you can highlight their name and press the Call button to ring them. You can also send SMS or transfer files (unlike Email, you can send very large files)

9. Select ‘help’ from the menu bar if you have any problems. This plus the FAQs section provides extensive advice and information. You must be connected to the Internet to use Skype.