You have come to this planet to learn. There is no right or wrong, simply frequency selection. That’s it. You have come to integrate experience and let go of judgement. This is the game of earth and you are all playing very well. Having fun? Writes Michael Forrester a motivational speaker who wrote the article ‘The Game of Earth Is Yours To Play’. But for a lot of people The Game of Life is not always fun.

Michael writes that earth is a game of decension and then reascension. You already know what it’s like to be a multidimensional being in the 5th, 6th, 7th and so on dimensional realities. You’ve been there, done that. You already know that you are connected to absolutely everyone and everything simultaneously, but what would it be like if you didn’t know that? What would it be like if you had a veil that hid all of your power from you and made you think you had no power? You see, you are so powerful that you must play the game of life with limited being, with limited perspectives, limited awareness and limited everything, otherwise where’s the fun in always being in the realm of the highest power.

When a teenager plays a video game and gets really good at it, they can play the game every day and win over and over against even the hardest obstacles or opponents. So then they are faced with a dichotomy. They want to continue playing their favorite game but they’ve already mastered it. So what will they do to not lose interest? They begin to select weaker players who they will then match against stronger opponents. Then they master those as well and continue selecting the weakest players of all until they can face the strongest obstacles or opponents. This is the game of life you are playing on earth. It is a grand experiment and you are blessed with genetic material from the entire universe to help you along the way.

How To Win the Game of Life

You have divine energy and infinite power so you have chosen to descend to see how difficult it would be to ascend while still in physical form. You think you can’t walk on water, or fly? That’s only because you believe you can’t, and at the moment it’s not in your best interest to do so. But you can.

Your goal was always to change your vibrational experience. Oh, and you added linear time to the mix while you were at it. Instead of seeing all concurrent realities at once (as you normally do on the other side), you have chosen to see only one perspective and one path in front of you.

Most human beings on the planet have difficulty comprehending that time does not exist. You bound this energetically to your DNA so that you could perceive time. But it doesn’t exist. Time is circular and not linear. You recreate yourself infinite numbers of times per minute so that you can feel what you call time. That’s why you are never the same person from day to day. You are never even the same person from second to second. You are constantly in a state of flux, refreshing a new version of yourself energetically and you have so much fun doing that without even realizing what you are doing.

Every single reality you believe in whether past, present and future happen simultaneously. That’s why your greatest gift is the present because that’s all you have to effectuate change to create a different vibrational reality for yourselves. Being in the present and in the “now” is all you have to do to change your vibration. You don’t have to meditate or sit in front of 30 candles in a low lit room with incense and soft music. You just have to be in the “now”. That’s it.

The mind was setup to be the operating system of limitation so that you could have this very unique experience as a dense being. There is nothing wrong with having a limited perspective. It is unique and beautiful in many ways. In 5th dimensional realities, which are what you are now heading towards, this limited perspective decreases considerably. You will see things from multiple perspectives and you will manifest immediately, as opposed to the lag time you experienced in your past. You will start using the 5th dimensional format more and more. Instead of wondering why you’re blocked energetically, you’ll just align with the new frequency. This means that close to 100 percent of all disease will disappear as well.

When you start using the heart as your filter, everything will become easier. Until now, most of you have been using your mind. The mind is the 3D filter. The heart is a multidimensional filter capable of electrical electromagnetic energy that the mind is not capable of. “Think with the heart, not the mind.”

In every year that now passes, you will understand more what time really is. You will only use time as a marker that you can refer back to if necessary. Think of a library and how you know exactly where the book you need is to retrieve the information you require. This is how you will eventually interpret time.

The answers will come. If you are open to them, they will come. If you find you’re not getting the answers, sit quietly and breathe. Deep breaths in and out. This helps connect you.

Carry a journal with you. Write down your thoughts. You will have so many aspiring thoughts in the months to come that you will forget them if you do not write them down. Some of your other lifetimes may come into your focus and you will start to question the nature of reality. Write it down. This moves it through physical vehicle and it then becomes more valid to you. As you write things down, the frequency is encoded in the words you write. When you read it again, you access that vibrational state and feel the inspiration.

The levels of the lower masculine energies dictate that a specific pattern of thought or experience must be followed chronologically in steps 1, 2 and 3. In divine flow, you will proceed very differently. You’ll start with step 1 and then go to step 15, then back to step 7 and then step 2, etc. Yet your experience will be complete as you pick up everything you need along the way. Why? Because you will be operating primarily through the heart center.

You may have found yourself already sharing much of your time with different projects and people as you enter into this phase. Lower masculine energy wants you to DO. The activation of the divine feminine energies want you to just be. The divine masculine energy says as you are you pulse out. As you spiral up, the divine feminine energy reads frequency and the divine masculine engages that frequency.

What is your version of the truth? Do you think it is THE truth? With the exception of love, there is no absolute truth and you will start understanding the different perspectives of truth on the planet and why they exist.

You are always putting yourself in a “now” moment that creates a vibrational signature. You have an agreed upon a set of circumstances that you define as your collective history and then you have another subset that is your personal history. As you change your vibration on an individual level, you decide whether you want to align with the collective version of the “truth”. Your individual frequency may suddenly align with a version that is so far from your current perspective that you could not even relate to it yesterday. That’s when you have jumped timelines, something you’ll also become very aware of.

It is not so much what you think that creates your reality. It is what you feel. If you feel really good, your reality changes. If you have trouble feeling what you want, your ego is in the way. So imagine what it would feel like to have what you want. That will help get the mind out of the way so that you can manifest your desires.

If you have read this far in this article, then you are likely doing all the work you need to do to release holding patterns and you are ready to move forward. You are guiding those receptive to galactic information. It will get easier for you to speak with others about consciousness and all those things we discuss here. You may also be processing persecution issues from other lifetimes which will also release as universal truths are revealed. It will become conscious and accepted for all.

Your awareness of what sound is will also shift. It is through sound and frequency that all is created and generated. All matter vibrates and creates sound. However there are different dimensional versions of sound which many of you may start to hear. For example, the universe, earth and collective consciousness all have their own sound. Each of your individual organs has its own sound. There is actually a symphony that is created for your body and you may start to hear these sounds as you look within yourself.

Do you feel like the earth’s consciousness is not moving fast enough so that all may awaken? Why are people taking so long? It’s not them, it’s you. Shift timelines and go to where you want to be. If you feel you are stuck somewhere that you don’t want to be, you have the free will to shift at anytime. Can’t shift? It means that your current reality is serving you somehow. You would not be on your current timeline if it was not serving you. You would be on another version where the collective would be doing something different. You can create anything you like, but it is the limitation in your beliefs that prevents you from shifting.

The frequency of the collective affects you and your frequency affects the collective. This simple understanding will enable you all to change the planet. If you don’t like your environment, city, state, country or the people in it, don’t fret on those things you dislike. Focus on the things you do like because any emphasis on what you don’t like keeps you on that frequency. Those who constantly relive history and emphasize horrific historical facts maintain that vibration. Those who focus on violence and the evil desires of others maintain that vibration. Those who think negatively, maintain a vibration that is perceived as negative.

Think positive and be positive. If you are drawn to media that promotes all the bad in the world, check within yourself as to why you are drawn to that information. This alone will change your reality and help change mass consciousness.

You are a divine being of light and infinite energy. You are so blessed to be experiencing your life right now. It is perfect. You are perfect and you are loved more than you could ever know. As the great Gandhi once said “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

by Michael Forrester

There is a book called Seat of the Soul and it was written 25 years ago and the message then is the same message that is needed now.  It is about the values of the soul and by living within the heart. As Michael Forrester states in the above article living within the heart will make life a lot easier. Especially for the time you are incarnate on earth living through The Game of Life.

You can purchase this book through the link below:

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